Modification for a different look

In other games on the pc I could download a mod. With this mod a got a game that looks and feels different. Can’t you make a mod to change the environment? Even if we use the same dragons and building we would get a new experience. You even could give players a option which mod to use.

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We did use to have something like that. Check the thread above for more info.

@moderators this thread can be closed if you feel like it could possibility be a duplicate thread, in a way, to the one linked.

This thread sounds different as this one includes modding how dragons look, not just bases.

Anyways I am against any 3rd party mods that will affect the game in any ways, even just for the looks if it has any possibility of exploits.

I’d much prefer PG to release those so that I can blame them when I see some bugs without giving them another copy and paste excuse when we send a ticket. “Delete your 3rd party mods.”


Hence this…

Figured it would be a choice for the mods to make.

Closing out. Please follow this thread instead.