Monarch evolution cost

Do we know how many eggs will evolving a mythic monarch cost? AFAIK using only egg tokens to breed one monarch dragon yields 10 additional artisan eggs

One will be necessary for egg missions …

Nope and it is doubful they will tell us until right before the mythic levels are going to be released. Im expecting it to be 15-20 though since artisan was 5 and 3/4 of them gave half that amount when you bred them and the monarchs each give 10.

Lets hope itll stay 10

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It would be nice… not that any of these dragons are worth evolving. But unfortunately with them increasing costs on everything else, I don’t expect us to be able to so easily evolve them

I’m not sure if any of them are worth evolving unless they boost the kits substantially on evolution.

Most videos I have seen show them struggling on undefended bases.

They remind me of the emerald tier unfortunately.


Hunter may be once he evolves, I assume his cloak will become white and probably his infinite ammo spell also. The sorcerer will probably just get an increase to his terrible breath spell, warrior really doesn’t matter, he’ll be useless unless they change out SR for something useful, invoker they’ll probably change Shatter Blades either to white, reduce the cd a little bit or make it 1 rage.

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It’s a strange hunter.

Plays more like a warrior. Tank damage and heal.

Unlimited ammo just means you tap relentlessly instead of dragging finger.

I bet Quil outperforms this hunter even evolved.

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Atk/hp stat after evo will make ralen winner. Doubtful quil will beat 140 towers so easily


Warriors will always have a use though… on perches. :rofl:

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I hope the cost is a bit less than 10 because backbreeding artisans at cheaper cost has been removed …

Not it hasnt. You can get an artisan egg for the exact same cost as it was when breeding started, before the change. All that changed is the dragon whose egg you’re getting. It’s still 37.5k for an egg and you get 10 if you breed a monarch without using mystics

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They definitely removed backbreeding, as i was able just after i breeded quileth to get narmak, instead as shown now quileth with quileth as parent.

They removed being able to get a dragon you didnt own which didnt help anyway since if you didnt have Narmak then you wouldnt get an artisan research egg to use. So the argument is invalid

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I don’t need a research egg, i need to safe my eggs during breeding, breed as cheap as possible, to get some other color research eggs, and not need to overcome 2 high end tiers to catch up breeeding again.
I breed too breed a new dragon, not to breed quileth with quileth.
Your breed yourself with yourself as parent, :orangutan:

That’s great except this topic is about the cost to evolve the monarch dragons so research eggs are part of the discussion. The comment you replied to was a response about them removing being able to breed research eggs to evolve them, which they didn’t
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Them removing backbreeding different dragons was a good thing, there’s no reason you should get to save up to 700k eggs because you didn’t breed all 4 like you were supposed to.


And than players wonder why i refuse the D invites, lol like i could play a pvp event with some decent point targets with only artisan :rofl::rofl:
I now start the whaling sandbagger tutorial, to get 700k eggs without growing lvls. :+1::+1:

For me personally the solution can be that i would be able to incubate ralen once i have breeded it.

… Im not sure what that has to do with anything but ok :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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