Money, Skill or Frequency? Which is most important?

Who progresses the fastest in this game?

  1. Those who pay the most?
  2. Those who are the most skillful, or
  3. Those who play the most?

I’m sure it’s obvious that the one’s who spend the most get farther fastest. PG’s got to make money, I get it. HOWEVER, player skill and player frequency should be rewarded more. There needs to be more emphasis, along with profit, on skill and frequency. Perhaps an extra bonus for high level daily or weekly medals? A bonus for soloed, 5-flame bases in a row? However you do it, know that excessive emphasis on profit and spending kills the fun of this game.


The people who progress the fastest will always be spenders. But they will NOT be the best fliers automatically. Although there aren’t that many of them, there are some high skill cap dragons that good fliers really make shine (hau, necryx, spindra). Sure anyone can fly them and have success but when you get a good flier on them then prepare to be impressed.

Yeah your right there should be more places skill shines through. More dragons with outplay potential. But still, skill does affect gameplay to a degree. Money can get you the shinies, it doesn’t make you good with he shinies.

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Problem is the shiniest dont need no skill.

For now that may be true. But given the scale of the last blunder I think we can expect some changes at some point. Dragons and towers. Give it a bit of time and we will see what happens.

Is this a serious question?


We have a player in our league currently ( I was looking for a war target) in plat2 who is level 294 WITH ONLY 450k MEDALS. Yes 450k! Their most used dragons included kinnara ( the original one that you get as your first decent dragon) and avyx.
That’s what I call spending !!!

Or hacker


Medals for level 100s and above don’t get fully reset week by week. So good giving out medal prizes wouldn’t work, as it would be unfair

I wonder about that.
An officer in my team (level 152) has his weekly medal being reset every week.

Medal prizes alone would be unfair, I agree. But if taken over time as an average…if frequent players get either free stuff or a reduction in price for their loyalty, I believe both the ‘player’ spirits and the ‘profit’ spirits at PG will both be satisfied!

Global lifetime medals should be accurate. Weekly is bugged.

That’snot spenders I’d it’s all time medals. Would be a sureshot hacker. REPORT the player and let PG decide on action

RN 10000% the most effective is spending. However I would like to see skill and frequency be closer in the race


The one event where you could get great rewards and was based on skill (assault) is no longer a thing…go figure


Was that the mini-solo event? It was neat to see who could kill the highest bases on their own. One of our members was not the highest level in the team but was able to kill the highest base out of us all. It was fun fo compete against each other. :heart_eyes:

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Thats the one yeah, with “annihilation” bonus for doing so with drags that had 1/4 the AP (or less) of the base.
Was very well received by the player base, guess it didnt generate enough revenue :roll_eyes:


I know a lot of players hated the solo event. I liked it for the most part but no matter how well I played I always got the base points. I never received the bonus.

I can understand since it was a real-deal skill based event. Loads of fun and humbling at the same time. :sweat_smile:

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Why did they take that one away?

I couldn’t remember for the life of me where I saw that event lol…yea it was pretty fun. That was back when I was around 90 with NS. I wast able to do well at the lower levels with old drags, but a capped Gold NS was beastly on that event. Only time I was able to do better than the standard score. he may have been platinum but capped by one legendary legacy platinum