Money spending?

How should I spend money …and how much In order to get pathox…
I am not gonna spend money…cause really I don’t have a Credit or debit card…or bank account for that manner​:joy::joy:
But how should I? If I Make it this season?
I really want to get pathox…I don’t think I am gonna get him though…I don’t have that kind of money …
I really…Want pathox…

Save all your rubies and gold and bronze chests. Wait for the next mythic hunter :grin:


I say I’m going to do this every season then go “oh look a sparkly rainbow dragon” and it’s all gone



But I just want pathox…I don’t care What the other dragons will be in future…
Pathox is such…a badass…

Which OS do you use, and in which country are you?

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If you really want him that bad. Make sure you get the full discount dragon before the end of this event. Then wait until you can buy the 5k sigils smash one of those and then save rubies for the end of the season for the sigil chests. From what I understand that is how spenders spend in my team

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Just like take out a loan beforehand or something


I don’t use OS I have Android
And India

Loan from where?:joy:
I don’t think I’ll be able to complete cave’s comeplete branch Though
I am on first line of 2nd page…

What league is your team in?

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Platinium 4

Yeah it is just gonna take a lot of grinding and your team will need to pull a few 1200 team awards which is a big ask for people in our leagues


Try asking banks in your country.
I think some (if not all) banks should have been able to pay Google Pay balance.

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We barely get 300 award

Wait seriously?
How can I do that?

Idk, since I’m not in India. Try searching on Google, or try buying a pack.
Apparently, Google India has Tez, which will help in payment. Maybe that’s a start.


I have no idea what tez even is…
BTW this will be my first in game purchase…If I do it

I don’t know what level you are but at this rate it will cost a few hundred bucks for you.

You got about 4k sigils so far. Let’s be optimistic and assume you got them all from the first event without opening your chest or ruby savings (pure event progression).
I will assume you won’t score as high in major events as you do in minor events so let’s say you get around 3.5k sigils per event on average (minor&major). That’s 45.5k for all 13 events this season. You might need about 30k sigils more since you won’t complete Cav’s branch. That’s 240 super sigil chests at the end of the season for 120.000 rubies which is 3x 100$ packs and 1x 50$ pack = 350$ (=27.700 indian rupees).

Just a very rough calculation :wink:

You also don’t need a bank account. You can eventually buy iTunes cards in supermarkets (in many countries those are often sold at discounted rates so check this first, might save you ~10-33%). Then you can use this to buy value packs ingame.
EDIT: Damn, just saw here this isn’t possible in India.

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I’m still not sure if you are going to go through with it :joy: my opinion is recognize that this is just a game and the amount of money needed to by the mythic can be used to make a life size paper mache model of it using money instead of paper :joy: I would suggest taking that money and investing it into something nice like a bike or surfboard. Even just not spending to stay out of debt is a worth while investment :joy: dragons come and go. I spent to get necryx but even he is beatable and many defenders have learnt how to punter him