Monkey Circus of Cheaters


Welcoming all trolls, as this will be my last ever post. The truth tends to get people banned from here, and besides that I’m done with this game and the developer.

So this guy from Mem0ries gets banned (yeah yeah, PG can’t confirm because of privacy etc… but he’s been rolled back (twice… more about that below) so whatever.

He gets banned mid war, and yet somehow manages to get back into the game AND back onto the team a couple hours later, add a few levels (got himself back up to level 51, within minutes, with no-doubt jacked resources) do his war run, and then got rebanned.

Winning them the war.

The screenshots above taken right now, the ones below taken when it happened:

Nothing done, no answers to tickets, another issue that screws up players who worked hard and got no support from PG at all.

If PG won’t make the changes needed to stop this (and other in game atrocities) then it’s name and shame time.

To some of you, I’ll say it’s been a pleasure flying with you and I will miss you dearly. To the donkeys who have ruined this game (PG management and players included)… kiss my ample behind. I’m outta here.

Removed the screenshots - Arelyna


Cheaters ruin it for everyone.

You’ll be glad to know the new event requires iOS 9 or later. Not that it matters much, since the main game does not.


We were in the same situation.

I think it was last year.

Player was banned we 250ed them, magically he was unbanned and five flamed as backer the remaining hits and did his war attack. They won by one defense point.


To cheat or to get cheated on, thats the way lads


I’m really sorry that this keep happening in this game. I believe that, like you and the majority of those who participate in this forum, are honest players, and that took a long time to be where they are.

i think it’s absurd there are no tools to prevent this.
I believe that the PG should at least minimise the damage caused by this type of hackers when a complaint was made about it.
Our team has already lost wars bc of teams filled with ghosts players that could not be attacked. PG should revoke their points and revert the war score.

Anyway, you took a decision that many are taking. However, i think that when you leave this game will be a great loss to this community. I’m sorry, I hope that you reconsider.


@BeaverDammed, I am truly sorry that you experienced this in a war. That being said, we will look into this one.


We can follow up in PMs and through Support for this one as necessary.