Monster Hunter?

Where my Monster Hunter fans at?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What Is monster hunter?


Oh boy, @PGJared has some things to talk about in Monster Hunter. You’ll want him in this thread. :eyes:

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Excuse me crisis but did he give you that boring work he promised? And did he give it to Arelyna too?

Here🙋 monster hunter is amazing😊!!! Whats your favorite monster? Mine is brachydios:)

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Arelyna is on her weekend right now.

I’ve been having a ton of fun with MonHun. I’d give y’all my PSN ID to play together, but I don’t need folks finding me in my personal time. I get enough of that on social media. :wink:

Suffice to say I’m really enjoying Tempered Teostra and Charge Blade is OP fun.

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Are we talking about monster hunter world!?
I have this crappy Duel Bone sword thing from Tobi Kadachi

If we’re talking about MHXX or MHStories I’m gonna be real surprised. How are you liking Dual Blades? I found they aren’t as fun since MHX because Aerial Style is gone. I tried them vs Azure Rathalos in the arena but didn’t understand how the Archdemon mechanic worked in this version so it was pretty underwhelming. I should give them another shot.

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This is all foreign to me. I only just got to that underwater place lol.
But they’re fun. I like demon mode.
Omg you need a horse and a revolver :joy:

Insect Glaive is where its at!! lol

HR 49 and having to fight Kirin now. Hardest fight yet!

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Thunderproof Mantle, Choral Orchestra on your Palico, Flash Pods, Bombs. Always aim for the horn. With Insect Glaive vs Kirin you’re gonna have a harder time due to it being such a small target. If you are fighting it in the Coral Highlands there are often Grimalkyn who will help you if you can get a mount on Kirin.

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Ill have to try that Thunderproof Mantle. Didnt think about that. Only fought him twice and he keeps one-shotting me. May have to change to a bow for this fight. Or get carried by someone thats HR150 :joy:

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Thunderproof Mantle turns one-shot hits into hits that are just really annoying, other than when Kirin is enraged and does the long charge-up blast directly on itself because that is actually multiple hits at once. Get used to not committing to your combo. For Insect Glaive you run into a kind of unique problem in that your dodge move is a jump, and lighting goes up far higher than you can jump.

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I’ll take really annoying over fainting any day lol. Thanks for the advice, will try out that IG tonight.

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Dual blades here all the way, just wish they’d bring back the ability to jump. :eyes: I’m still a measly low level though but I did just get all the Zorah Magdaros gear and the dual blades.

I can’t find out how to get that

I love the Paolumu because it looks like a fat little mouse when it poofs up :rofl:


Fart Squirrel is a pretty fun fight.

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