Monthly post about building xp scaling

I bring it up every fort but never get any response…ever.

When will xp scale with building level like it should? Anything past 50 something makes the same xp. Why?


Agreed… these den caps are getting harder to hit

Sadly the minute “scaling” is mentioned of claims up and mums the word. Regardless of the scaling of prizesnor eggs or well anything.

I don’t want this thread getting lost.

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Pushing up in queue :slight_smile:

and how you need 4x amount of xp to level up after lev 300.
Why can’t the xp scaling to level up be progressive is something i fail to understand yet

I do feel that hitting past 300 has a different punch. So this is the reason. Is it maybe to not discourage new players of seeing levels 1000’s?

Anything new? I have no idea who to tag about this.

It’s really odd how the scaling just stops. Timers, tokens, building xp. Also pretty sure we won’t get a response on an issue like this in PG’s mind chokepoints increase spending.

This seems like something we should at least be able to @PGCrisis and @Arelyna (and @Mrxx2 of course) to look into and see if the devs have any answers or anything cooking…

I will look into this and get back to you when I have an answer.

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You’re hired.

Hey Lx! Some context here: XP does not increase as building levels increase because the time needed to build towers does not increase after a certain cap. If XP scales, then timers will need to scale as well, and we’re not in favour of introducing higher construction times.

While i understand that you are relating the time and XP graphs, i think you are missing the XP required per level graph in your calculations.

There is a 4x jump step at Level 300 which isn’t accounted for at anywhere in the other two graphs :slight_smile:
If you need a visual i can get one for you.

If the developers believed that it should be harder to gain levels after a certain point and wanted to choke down on excessive level gains, the best way to do it would have been to go from plateau (Level 197-299) and then gradually increase the curve again, not put a 4x multiplier on it and plateau it again for 200 levels.


But it sure does scale once you go past level 300…

In fact it requires 4 times the xp per level.

Yep, I don’t think they thought anybody would go past 300.

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If the time it takes to build something is what drives xp why do I not get loads of xp for upgrading my storage?

Time costs are already way too high.

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Time increase dropped off after xp increase I’m sure… retroactively fixing that would be enough for most people who actually need to level

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