Monuments dropping rubies


So my monuments are dropping rubies. I raised a support ticket #1265977. But I got an interesting response @PGJared. When I receive a reply I will apologize I might have come across as a bit rude. But I was a bit gobsmacked.


You should reinstall the game


It will have to wait till I get home. Dont want to use the data of a fresh install. I have had this issue months ago and support were able to fix for me


I had this issue during last event
Plus I lose 125 and 100% ET bonuses
Reinstall helped


Might be a new agent, I guess, have never seen that name before, and I’ve put in plenty of tickets :rofl:


its a coding error. the gems that drop during non event times should switch to chests during events, they used to fix this on the back end (a year ago) but have either decided not to do that or not train their support staff about it. the fix, if they wont fix it, is to reinstall the game.


Ok thanks I will have to wait on that.


Well, yesterday, after the event ends, I got a bunch of Bronze chests during xp run (monuments)…


I got ‘em too. Switched to rubies shortly after… :t_rex:


Got some chest yesterday also. Bronze and silver.
Current issue is fixed but received another support ticket that didn’t follow the issue at all haha


I get them too. #1270577
@PGCrisis @Arelyna

Add more response

Someone really need to sort the log from the latest :woman_facepalming:


Apparently, reinstalling fixes the problem…


I have had rubies and chests back and forth all event… it keeps changing…


Same issue and support ticket response was that they can drop egg tokens (lol only saw that around Easter), rubies, etc. Would rather not reinstall, already had to do that 2x’s with the latest update.


I have the same problem after mini event in atlas cooldown (Event Train Primarch and Rider), My Egg Mission too Not increase with Boost Token. But, When i clear data and cache or reinstall the games that problem has been solve


According to this, everything can be expected anytime, even eggs!!! (bottom to top)

I don’t know what kind of people Zendesk hires, or how they get trained for the job, but my most recent tickets came back with … khm… unbelievable responses … khm


Guess we need to ask @PGJared to let the CS spent an hour or so, farming from monuments.

I guess xp base such as KisSarkany won’t mind :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wish this was my only issue with them. Already sent a PM to Arelyna with the tickets in need of supervision.

I hope that the PG team can take care of the Zendesk team. What they are doing is outrageous.


Yesterday I get “new” armory again along with 10 rubies drop from monuments.
Reinstalling solved my issue… for less than 24 h as I got it again this morning :woman_facepalming:

@Arelyna any update on this?
I hate reinstalling everyday, as it causes another bug (lots of unfinished downloads, preventing me to attack most of the times…)


Dunno why some people have the new armory🤔 i have the old one