Monuments dropping rubies


I a, experiencing the same thing, AGAIN! twice in a week. Took 3 reinstall last week.

Tired of this glitch


Better than twice in a day…


There are people investigating the issue, but as of right now, I don’t have an update.

If you do have issues, please contact support first. (Yes, they will probably ask you to reinstall.)


Or tell you that there is no problem and that you’re supposed to be getting ruby drops in addition to chests from monuments. But it’s ok, that support assured me that he is a player too and knows what he’s talking about :unamused:


A small amount of ruby drops is normal behavior, but I understand where you are coming from.


No you’re not supposed to get rubies during events.


Is this only an IOS issue? Cause Droid thers no problem🤔


No. Rather, jackpot issue. Random users get the bug…


I get this every event and have to reinstall. I have lost a lot of bronze chests. I emailed PG to ask for the chests I lost and was told politely to f off.


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