I’ve always wondered why we couldn’t feed our perches just like we do on our monuments 6 hours is short wonder why they wont make it longer atleast allow us to feed for 24 hours

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The dragons should eat 3-4 times a day :slight_smile:

Well, and this makes you enter the game more frequently :slight_smile:

You want less points in a feeding event :thinking: ?

From my point, feeding it regularly make sense only during Feeding, and during that event you better enter the game several times a day anyway, to take food from farms. So doesn’t look like a problem for me.

I don‘t think he‘s against the increments of 1.5h (iirc) or the cost per increment buy he rather wants the maximum to be changed from 6h to 24h.

I don‘t think this request is so bad. Many want their perches to be fed during a war and due to sleep/work not everyone can log on every 6h so I would be fine with upping it to 12h or 24h.

I wondered about this long ago, but since I my perch is at such a low lvl (#MoreBlackPearlsPLZ) I don’t really care much. would be a positive change tho.

Yes should be atleast 24 hours lets say you work 12 hour days half of that ur perch boost already over half way threw your shift so u lose partial boost u get from the perch

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You can feed it more if u are on that’s not my case I want boosted during wars and shouldn’t have to take a device to work just to feed it and keep the boost on so if they changed it to hell let’s say 12 hours I’m cool with that but 6 that means ur SOL during wars and lose that boost u get from it won’t kill them to add atleast min 6 more hours to the perches

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Sounds like a neat idea

May have to adjust the 24 hour dragon swap time limit to compensate but I like it overall

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If got enough support they may make it higher

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