Monuments Unkillable on the Invader Bases in Atlas

My previous post got closed because it was too old so I’m opening it again to check on the progress.

@PGDave- Obviously nothing has been done about this- in fact, strangely, a couple of the monuments that I used to be able to kill are invincible now to certain types of dragons.
For example, one monument that I used to be able to kill with sorcs can now only be killed with warriors or hunters. And another monument that I can kill with sorcs cannot be killed with warriors. It makes no sense.

Maybe I’m the only person who is bothered by this but it’s really annoying because I have to use up rage to kill these with spells.

Just wondering if this is still being looked at as you mentioned that it was back in Oct.



This is a big problem for people doing gold runs because there are far less chests dropping for events at the same time unless you use a hunter to go through and pick them all off.

I can confirm that targets which the sorcerr can lock on to, do not destroy with the swipe attack, but will easily go down if you have a spell.

It’s not a big deal for me, as I have spells on all of my sorcerers I can use. And since spells like sand can be used to destroy without needn’t to recast it for when you want to drop it on a tower, it’s not draining rage either.

It does bother my ocd signicaly each time I run xp on a sorcerer.

It bugs me because I have dragons who cannot kill all the monuments without adding a spell (Jul for example, and some warriors). So I’m getting less chests than I would outside of Atlas. It’s frustrating.

Have you sent in a ticket to support? Also, a video of this happening in game is super helpful as well because we can then know exactly which of the monuments you are having issues with.

The tower and back bridge/arch on first turn inbetween island 2 and 3 (first long and first short).
The bridge after middle long.
And I feel like I’m missing one :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I think those are the ones that cover it.

You can get the first one on the right by the front 5 towers of a full base
You cannot get either of the center tower or the rear tower on the first turn
You can get the center tower and the right waterfall on the second turn
You can get the first bridge on the long
You cannot get the second bridge on the long
You can get the tower on the left on the 4th turn

That is all i’ve ever seen unless i’m missing one somewhere?

@PGDave is well aware of this

Yes. @Arelyna is helping to track the issue and prioritize it with our engineering team. Though it’s frustrating, we have to prioritize it below more serious issues like 1-troop attacks and missing castles at the end of bases and the like. But we will get it fixed. I mentioned in another thread that the art team is working on a better approach to detecting collisions on the new map that should help with some of these collision-related problems in the January release … still on track for that!

Follow up question to the atlas base towers, will they be able to store northern light charges? Meaning if a northern lights shields ends and pops health or rage on towers, are there plans on having the monuments have those marks as well, similar to the non atlas bases? Bc currently they don’t interact with rage or heal marks associated with NL.

As a workaround, assuming that your sorcerer has equivalent damage vs the invader base defense (e.g. capped Kinnarus on a max den at level), boosting it with an attack boost was enough for me to take out monuments. I only did that once as an experiment, though. It’s also only practical to sustain for those with boosts to waste.

@Arelyna Could you look into this for @Lutrus? Sounds like Atlas towers don’t work with NL in the same way as regular towers like we’d expect. Strange.

That is super weird!

@Lutrus, could you please PM me a video of them not working with marks or charges when you get the chance?

Yes, but I won’t be able to until later tonight but pretty much any drag with NL or healing mark won’t be able to place the marks on monuments in atlas, unlike non atlas monuments.

Huh, that is super odd. Whenever you get a chance is great. I will make sure this gets put in to the engineers to look into

I have the same issues with monuments in atlas. Especially with sorcerers attack. With the release of atlas I spend more time attacking invader bases and don’t want to sacrifice chests by trying to play the normal game as well as atlas. Hope you guys get this fixed soon.

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Confirmed I have the same issues.

What is even worse, is the invader base no longer drops bronze chests for me since I upped a few levels to 243 in this fort event.

Thanks to everybody for helping answering this! Here’s my try at answering. I’m going to number the monuments:

  1. Wall on the right on the first long island
  2. Wall on the right on the first long island
  3. Tower on the right on the first long island
  4. Arch the right on the first corner
  5. Structure on the left on the first short island
  6. Tower at the end of the first short island
  7. Arch on the right on the second corner
  8. Bridge leading into the second long island (also can be hit from the left of the first short island after #5)
  9. Tower on the right on the second long island
  10. Bridge at the end of the second long island
  11. Tower on the right at the front of the last long island
    Sorcs cannot kill numbers 3, 4, 7, 10, and 11
    Warriors cannot kill number 5

Here’s the vid, I try to make it pretty obvious when I go to attacks monument after my NL ends.

I believe I hit your number 5 in the video, please let me know if you’re talking about some other monument.

Yes, I’m talking about a different structure. My #5 is a structure that has a catapult or ladder or something on top of it. I’m able to kill it with my sorcs but not with a warrior. You didn’t kill it in the video.