Moonfang frustration

Moonfang Spell unpredictable success rate compare to chimerak at the same level on the same base attack…Anyone experience the similar situation?

I’m guessing that you’re referring to Intimidating Roar? Its range is just something that you’ll have to get used to - looks like roughly half an island ahead on my screen.

I’M referring to full moon spell , after destroyed tower and the health will decrease by 5~10%. which this spell cast have similarity to sacrifice…so if moonfang not FAST to take down the tower the health will go down super FAST ! and this is without defender around !!!
Im quite surprise this spell was design in such a way that granted player with miserable expectation after fighting so much Sigils cost to get moon fang compare to the rest divines dragon.
this example just like merkt and whoever have it can tell the many stories of disappointment.

So, PG will the spenders again go for it in the next new season and next and next to get high end divines such merkt and moon fang ??? please fix it otherwise no DEMAND anymore haha.

That is pretty much working as intended. Its similar to berserk on previous dragons.

Moonfang is actually a pretty decent dragon, where merkt was pure rubbish


moonfang 33 lost to chimerak 28 when solo the 312 base …why ???
The answer should be clear that moonfang spell that full moon will take 25% dragon health and heals back 10% after destroy one tower, whihc I think it is UNBALANCE FIGHT AGAINST 40 TOWERS.
come on PG could you please relook to this spell again .
…maybe by reversing the full moon when cast take 10% and heal the dragon 25%.
then more fair fight against so many towers.

Because looking at a dragon that levels to 65 vs one that lvls to 55 is not helpful, especially at low levels and more so on xp bases, just learn to fly him.

How spells like that work is you kill 3-5 towers during the activity period. So it heals a lot.

Moonfang really is fine. Practice


My advice, weaken the towers first using intimidating roar then switch to full moon. You may need a few more levels but this combo can be used to heal damage and works very nicely.

Not on the 312 base, you want to save the little treb towers for a free 10% heal. Use moon, then spam roar.

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I’ve noticed after the update that the full moon does not heal well or Moonfang got weaker. On the 312 base I had no issues before update now I struggle with him on it. Not sure what’s going on.

He is capped untill I get emerald dragons, meh oh well is what it is.

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Is the fire turret signifcantly increase power after updates even zamrok or spindra got shot drastically hp down by almost 40% !!!

Honestly the fire turrets are ok atm, they slow as hell, so very easy to avoid getting hit.

Either shield through them, reflect them, or kill them higher on your priority list, or bring a dragon with fire turret resist, or a hunter that can simply cloak dodge them etc.

They might be slightly over tuned, but not by a lot.

Zamrok can easily beat them, he has an invincibility shield and a windwall mechanic.
Spindra ditto has same shield, and crumble mechanic.

When you could previously ignore them (like ballistas), and just tank their shots as rage builders, they are now where they should be - a fairly premium tower that costs gated (although poorly :P) resources.

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I’m liking fires more now. Their supershot on paper is higher than same level ice. I say on paper because I’m going off what’s shown in the game. I haven’t tested. But if true then I’m going to supershot my fire everytime as even fire turret resist isn’t resistant to the supershot.

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The trick to moonfang is to damage a group of buildings first (leaving any level 1 buildings like they have on some xp bases) and then throwing on his white spell, followed by intimidating roar if you have the rage.

He’s actually really good, but at lower levels it requires a lot of strategy, unlike most warriors. As I got mine to emerald and higher, he is just ravaging bases now. (I can’t wait until I get mine to obsidian)

It will take some practice. The first time I got 5 flames on a max xp base was with tengu, and you can’t beliebe how much silly little things like not casting a spell until the timing is just right, or killing towers in a certain order can help. And on some xp bases you can just ignore some buildings all together and get 90%+ to help with self-XP.

Good luck

100% correct. First time in the game fire turret looks relevant while defending.

PG, don’t nerf just rebalance as you are already doing with other towers.

Moonfang actually have a hard time killing enough towers to get health back against equivalent bases defended even after the 5 additional levels. He gains about the same health upon destroying a lvl 1 tower or a lvl 60 tower, which makes him less viable in wars. But I don’t think comparing Chimerak and Moonfang is a good comparison as they have very different spells. Chimeras vitrually has no spells before the mages are taken down. So that makes him die faster for sure. I find Moonfang as kind of a fair warrior because he still dies without being able to streamroll equivalent towers in wars but still decent enough to not die without making a dent. For that reason, hunter lovers would also hate Moonfang less for him not being OP.


I will trade you my expert Girasol for your expert Moonfang :stuck_out_tongue:

Expert girasol has a hard time killing A tower before dying :crying_cat_face:


well, after playing the full moon spell for a while, I noticed that you don’t hit the spell first for the first 2 second during attack because it will make your hp drain out fast. however, if you hit the spell after 3 second during attack you will get better result but you need to swipe your firing to the left and to the right and you will notice your hp goes up and down depend on the tower level. then only you press the roar to get back the hp or pull back the hp. This is not so good with defender around so this moon fang not a good selection for war attack. I totally disagree with PG that this moon fang is a balance war dragon.
so this winter I will spend my money on Christmas rather than this game.
If PG still deny this full moon spell unbalance count and what about the MERKT ???, which I use it to collect the balance rubbish for the attack.

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