Moonfang I can not collect

I have all 3 dragons to get moonfang. I finished only chimeric, and it will not let me claim moon dang what am I doing wrong

You need the obsidian stone for Chim, Spin, and Garg to get moonfang.

Please use the search function next time, and take a look at the FAQ page:

@Psarus @ModMat can we lock this please?


They really do need that stipulation in big bold letters somewhere or something.


Luckily, next season, it is apparently on the tile/dragon/somewhere noticeable.

That will certainly help! I heard the season UI change also looks good?

There are a couple screenshots in the notes thing that I typed; otherwise, you can take a look at the facebook stream (also linked in there), where they have it in the background the entire time.

Yes I saw ur pics. Will check out the stream now! :+1: