Moonfang: is he worth it?


I’d like to hear from some people that have this mythical beast.
After completing the last two seasons, I’m curious if I should be making the push to complete this season as well.


that depends on your tactics.

Moonfang has a pretty good rage generation that if you have spare rage runes and glyphs, you can spam its intimidating roar quite frequently while also using its full moon.

pretty much just target red mage and then use the roar to make all of them deal less damage and use full moon to recover some health and get those rage regen up.


From what i have seen he is good for a warrior and of the mythic obsidians i think he is the best.

Stat wise it has over 42 million health and over 3 million damage per second with an attack power over 700 million depending on rider and runes. So it is a beast.


He seems to die on a small defended island
50 perch 55 fire flak 51 dark flak 2 mages and a cannon

1 defender


That makes sense with both flaks firing him. Any Dragon would die unless they have dark flak resist… In my opinion.


Noc Nec Rhyo happily waltz through that. Not saying he is aweful, just that he isnt a lead


Noc has vines, Nec has sand and a shield, Rhyo should be crippled by the mages?


Thanks everyone. i know I’ll end up getting him either way.


Except Zamrok all warrior got trouble with defenders, as I see Moonfang had a good spell set.


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