Moonfang Needs Work!

I know this might be getting old. But I want my opinion heard. When dealing with season mythic dragons the expectation is that they will be better than the seasons devines. The full moon spell requires too much of a health sacrifice for the amount of HP regeneration especially when dealing with high level towers. Increasing his max level is not the answer rather modifying his skill set to make it worth the sigil cost. Please comment! Have your voice heard!

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Why would you have that expectation after Merk?

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I’ve seen Moonfang at expert make quite a mess of defended bases.

yes not every base, but he is definitely not a weak dragon later on. No idea in mid levels sorry.

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At sapphire he’s not even worth using. Compared to Necryx, Equestor and Chimerak he can’t even hold his own. The damage output is subpar at best and using full moon is just asking for trouble as it’s hard to kill enough towers to even mantain his health let alone heal some. I believe that either the health cost has to be cut down or the amount healed increased.

Might be similar as to how algor was. He was essentially crap till around lvl 30. Up to then tarand beat him at everything.

Later on it wasnt even comparable.

Id venture a guess that its a similar situation for fang


I Have him at lvl 48 and I’m still not seeing him come alive. Even with the buff to Intimidating roar. I have seen the videos of maxed out Fang doing well. Fingers crossed , still a ways to go.

All seasonal mythical I’ve had were this way. They are targeted at bigger players who want a stronger dragon than the max tier offers typically.

Morphos was this way, Algor was this way. I don’t know if Merkt ever panned our for anyone. (Mine is like level 30)

The power curves for all seasonal dragons tend to be weak until about 1 tier before their max tier

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If anyone with a Maxed to near max level Moonfang reads this,We are really interested in you opinion because at level 32 he’s of no use outside of compleating egg quests that involve him. Can’t even run good experience bases!

I have him at Level 44 and he plows through most bases even defended, just not those bases that are like 300+ normally but between 200-270 yea np

He sucks even maxed he still sucks defended he’s a dead duck they really should look at doing something to fix him cause he’s a perch dragon and a mighty expensive perch dragon at best right now

My thoughts exactly… it takes a bit to figure out how to optimize the spell combo and which spell to add, but at emerald he is not bad… for a warrior and have definitely seen him go through some semi strong defended bases… bottom line is he tanks well, and is serviceable in certain roles.

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Clarification: have seen someone’s maxed MF (nice acronym) go through semi strong defended bases…

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Try him on a max base level 60’s he drops like a stone and can’t even kill healing farms …I had high hopes for him but he sucks against high level bases and forget it if he’s defended.

That’s my fear! I wish that they could improve him some how, he needs a higher defense or some way to make him withstand more damage. Because as he stands there is no point in using him. If he were a season Devine no biggy, but we’re talking about a Mythic the quality of dragon should be beyond that of a regular Devine and this is obviously not the case, quite the opposite.

Yes it really discouraged me from spending to get another one that isn’t a hunter … he cost a great deal of money and is basically useless.

Mine is maxed. 856 mil attack power with runes and gear. My top dragon. Depends on the base. But high level bases he dies quick. He definenly needs work. But not useless.

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People in general (not singling out anyone here) need to remember that mythic doesnt mean awesome. It just means very slightly higher base stats than legendary. Quality will always depend on drag type and skillset.
Most season mythics will end up being just another decent drag that costs a ton.

He does pretty well against level 350 bases with defenders.

Better than anything but the best two hunters in the game, so not really seeing a massive issue.

Not saying there is no issue, just that he is by no means terrible (eg compare him to girasol)

But… but… but… he was expensive. And. MYTHIC. Certainly that entitles me to an “I win” dragon. /sarcasm.

The dragon is fine. You can’t expect any one dragon to win against everything. You would be hard pressed to stop moonfang (well piloted) against level 55 towers. He makes a great tank. He doesn’t do it all…

Level 60 towers are designed to be indestructible when defended and setup properly. If you want any hope of doing that you need precise incisions. (think hunter)

Warriors will never be more than a blunt object. The hammer of the dragon types. Not every job is good with a hammer.


And yes he does rip through 300-350’s defended