Moonfang Question


Ok so I have Moonfang and he is currently lvl 40 along with Anuba, Chimerak and Gargula.

He has less attack power then they do, when will he pass them in power?

They all are capped untill I can breed another garnet. Mythic dragon same lvl as the others with less power, I don’t understand.


Have you put runes on him? If he doesn’t have runes, your other divines will have more attack power if they have runes on them.


I just checked Amoeba’s website and yes, until lev 55 they all are essentially same and will only vary depending on runes and researches


Also, moonfang is going to get a huge buff with the new partical speed changes for warriors.


I do have rage runes on him, searched for an answer but didn’t even think about checking their website.

Thank you for taking the time to look for me. Awesome community


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