Moonfang vs. new winter season dragons

So. New season dragons have a max attack of almost 130mil.
Moonfang is capped at 112mil it seems. Or will he be buffed in the “max obsidian level” buff that is approaching?
And how about Anuba?

Main line dragons usually have same max power as the “mythic” from the season before. Not surpass it with 11%

Why on earth should I go for Moonfang if he is not even remotely relevant during the next season? Or when I finally, in a year or so, reach obsidian? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe that every obsidian dragon is getting the 5 level buff so expect moonfang to have the same max power as the new season drags

Thank you for the quick reply. I was thinking the same, but want to have a confirmation before invest into it :slight_smile:

wait! Every obsidian? So also the legendaries?

No just the Mythics…

Close, but just the mythics:

nice! And thank you. I read the balance changes thread. Feel stupid that I missed that part :blush:

Does this mean moonfang with lvl 65 will be just as strong as the new 2 weeks half prize bonus dragon? Doesn t sound good to me…`

Oops ok sorry missed that detail :joy:

only at obsidian tier but yes. Just like how borg (normal season line) and Morph (season mythic) had same base stats at emerald.

So this means it doesn t really make sence to go for the the special season dragon…maybe if he has great white spells…right

Everyone stopped reading after the thunderstorm change haha :joy:

Next season Dragons will usually be stronger than the previous seasons, isn’t it normal? Next Mythic Dragon will be stronger than Moonfang too. It should not stop you from getting a dragon if that’s what your heart desires (and what your pocket money can afford). Just because it will be outclassed doesn’t mean that it is not worth it.

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Your re right @Kardul I was just hoping his power in comparing to the other dragon s will last a bit longer :wink:

My Gold Kinnarus has 3M6 power with Grogg maxed out, and her power get a 80% increase when boosted. Base power of a dragon is nothing compared to adequately runed, boosted and “armoured” (rider + armour) Dragons. I bet Moonfang can easily get to 700M power or even beyond…

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