Morak rune (unspecific rune)

Can someone enlighten me for those who already have morak and this rune applied to him?

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I’m not sure what the question is?

Rage is applied, Cloak is not.


Well that would seem quite obvious, considering Morak has rage generation and does not have cloak :grin:

But yeah maybe that was the question.

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@Morreion sorry my question wasn’t unclear. I am asking if anyone already have morak and inserted that rage rune to him,though it has a cloak and his hover skill is also cloak, would that be applied or not?

I think Orca already pretty much answered it then, the cloak will not affect Morak, since he does not have the specific spell “cloak”. Spell effects on runes only work on the specific spells they mention, not on variants.

So the rune would affect cloak on Galgrim or Gunnar, but not on all the dragons that have other spells that include cloaking effects.


Runes exclusively work if they have the EXACT spell listed. If the spell isn’t literally named cloak it won’t work.

Any shielding spell for example would have to be exactly that spell for it to work. Fireball runes only work on fireball. Underwhelming fireball would not work with it.


thank you for clarifying.

But +x% Rage Generation works on every dragon (excluding Fafnyr due to its passive spell that block rage generation)

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Use on a dragon that uses alot of rage and has the cloak in it’s spell set

His hover is a cloak

But cloak rune won’t change anything to hover

Ok I didn’t have a problem with morak so far he’s a freaking mechanical beast

His hover is a cloak like spell. It’s not cloak. If the name doesnt match then it doesnt get the boost


Because cloak would make him too op

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