Mordred broken again?

Mordred was good and even better with the new release last week until Tuesday morning —CET — I would say.
Since then he lost some power for sure. Maybe he is bugged or the defense power of 105 towers were adjusted or came to full power only yesterday!?

Maybe you could explain a little more what you feel is broken other than “he lost his power”?

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mordred failing 105s hard haha hes been failing defended no longer is a untouchable dragon

Damage power of laceriting Vortex seems to dwindle early

Has Mordred been causing problems for anyone recently?

Specifically, can someone please confirm if they are seeing any crashes or freezing or any other performance issue with Mordred?

Nope, not seeing anything like that.

I would love if you could spot me a full set of maxed mythic wind gear so I can fully test his limits and make sure nothing bad happens.


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Meh, he doesn’t need it :joy:


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Thanks for finding the humor in my post…I wasn’t seriously asking for the gear.

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I liked it ^^