More and more money šŸ’µ

I tell you my dissatisfaction:

  • the prices of the coffers are more and more zero.
  • 2 gold chests earned in attack over 3 months
  • 30 iners fire and 10 energy chests earned on this event

Is this game now only for rich players? I think so.

It would be good to put the game accessible to all and not only payers and rich ā€¦ as before brief


Bruh i opened 75 bronze chests last night. Not a single inner fire received


Iā€™ve opened 19 bronze. 12 IF received.

I would have to agree with you. I opened 40 bronze chests, and got 3 inner fires. I would think that the inner fires, because they are essential for this event, should be dropping from the bronze chests like ripe fruit from a tree. Instinctive, instinctive, instinctive the very thing that drives a player to play more.

Or drop them in 3ā€™s and 6ā€™s more often, not single inners. So you can do one whole attack with 3 drags. Or when we get gifts from team mates buying packs, add inners and energy chests! That would help make players buy more too!

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