More bug fixing and less added content until the bugs are fixed please

Anyone who has been playing this game for more than a few updates I’m sure has been victim to buggy updates for changes that were absolutely unnecessary, remember 3.6?

I applaud the intent to give us more great stuff, but at what cost? If the game is made essentially unplayable we don’t need new shiney stuff.

The last update made it nearly impossible for me to declare wars

Or keep in touch with my friends when they move to a new league (how’s that inbox fix coming along?)

I’m excited about the new team quest but I’m worried I won’t be able to even play the game anymore, as it is now I can only really play during feed, breed, and fortify because every PvP event looks something like this to me

This is by far my favorite mobile game I’ve ever played, and easily the game I have spent the most money on ever, and I’m constantly debating quitting it because it gets broken every time something new is added.

This may come across as me being an A hole, please don’t take it that way, just stop breaking stuff trying to add more stuff that’s also broken.

If I’m the only person who See’s this happening I’ll go commit myself in the morning


Text has randomly started disappearing for me too, so I’ll have to restart or just keep playing. For the second one… do you have a resolution option in display settings? Messing around with that might be worth a try if so.

I assure you I have tried everything, phone settings, game settings, network changes, and a whole host of other things recommended by support, forums, Red, Mech, and everywhere else I can find a hint at a solution.

Also there are many other bugs that I’m sure everyone has just gotten used to, like a stain on the carpet.

How about gifting packs? That wasn’t supposed to be gone for very long, just a quick fix on Android later they take it away completely because it doesn’t work on iOS now either.

These little things we over look and get used can be brutal in other ways that don’t show themselves as connected.

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We have been asking for this for years…literally years…the answer is that there are different teams that work on new content and bugs. So even if they stopped putting out new content (not going to happen) the bugs won’t get fixed any faster because they are already working on them in the bug fixing team (and those teams don’t necessarily use the same skills I guess).

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Some game files get corrupted after updates to your game and your device. This usually happens to me when I do a system upgrade and a game update, which can be easily fixed by re-installing the game.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Do you work for PG support? :crazy_face:


It’s worked with me so I just figured I’d pass it on😊

Read third post… If a reinstall or restart would fix these issues I wouldn’t be wasting my time here

you using android or ios?

I don’t know the whole process of this and I don’t know if there’s an app that can do this, but here goes.

There might be files that stayed when you removed the game. If there is an App that can clear those up (like CCleaner on PC), you can use that to remove it completely. Your device might have downloaded a backup file or haven’t deleted the game completely.

but yeah if the normal TS isn’t working, something must be blocking the downloading of all the files.

You can also wait for the shuffle which should happen in 2 Hours and 35 minutes based on what I see inside the game.

Android Samsung Galaxy S8

I ahve cleared cache, dumped files, force closed services, the list goes on and on and on…

These aren’t things that should need to be done to play a game after an update, and they haven’t worked for me in any of my problems since the 3.6 eye sore update

you can try doing those again while waiting for the support to respond or if you are not doing anything. Well, as long as your connection is unlimited and not capped.

Some TS work if you did it multiple times like the referral link which sometimes isn’t showing up and takes at least 3-4 restart before the link shows up.

Allow me to reiterate that I have been doing all of the steps, many times a week.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Please tell me how this can fixed by reinstalling the game

Casting red summon warrior directly into a red mage, yup checks out as functional game play :roll_eyes:

That is perfectly legitimate and has been that way for years. The red mage does not prevent you from casting the spell like the blue mage does. Just like with invert you can cast it and it will still invert the shots but they don’t do any damage to the towers. Red mage super shot will kill the minion.

But minion still does damage to all towers under Red Mage umbrella. :man_shrugging:

I guess it would be a trade off. A super shot from a red mage does not get rid of reverse projectile. So if you want it to make the minion not do any damage then the super shot should not instantly kill him. Mages affect spells in different ways I guess.

The summon warrior’s attack is considered as normal attack like your actual dragon. What I don’t know is if the mage tower uses its super shot. If it hits the summon warrior, the most common result would be the summon warrior gets deleted.

Red mage only blocks out spell projectile and something like the upcoming thunderstorm.

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Funny I remember every single time I cast summon anywhere near a red it got shot down, so which is correct the example I provided video of, or what I experienced back when Kinnara was BAE?

This game is unstable and everyone just keeps saying oh it’s been like that for years…



did it get shot down by a super shot? or did it die from all the attacks from the other towers?

For Kinnarus, that is a known issue if you are talking about the dodo guardian dying instantly due to having a summon warrior type dragon on the first round.