More Diversity in Attacking for Crafting Shards [Atlas]

I think it would be extremely nice to have to ability to attack beasts in different regions of the Atlas map. Currently, the only way to do that is to be in the region of the beast. What I am connoting here is that maybe it wouldn’t be half as bad to be able to attack beasts in other regions? Maybe limit it to where it can only be done on beasts near our castles; that way, players on other teams that are parked on their castles can still attack their beasts for shards (and gold) without having to move around the map for that sole purpose.

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There should really be a way to prolong the duration of the beasts as well. I don’t like how they just vanish abruptly after a certain amount of attacks. A way to move them around the map would be nice too, but in a way that does not affect other people’s interaction with them. I would be content with the ability to “link” them to a primarch that I’m about to send to a different location, then it unlinks and sets itself up near the castle that the primarch has arrived at, while simultaneously remaining where it was at the other castle if there was already a player interacting with it. Either this, or make a replica of it and follow through with the same concept.

I have one final suggestion.

The ability to change the element of shards that drop from a beast would be a splendiferous feature to have, and it would surely make grinding for a specific shard type a much more pleasant process. If I’m not mistaken, the only way to obtain a specific shard element is to find a castle of that element, and then travel across the map to it. This can prove to be quite a humdrum task, and the reasons for that, I would assume, are quite apparent. Why travel across the map to an element when you can just bring the element to you? I was thinking this also could be a feature that affects only the person using it. The element of the shards dropped from the beast would only change for the player that changed it, leaving it the same for any player that could have possibly been interacting with the beast already, and intending to obtain more of the element that it was prior to the change.

I think you should be able to attack beasts in any of your teams regions, but I don’t think you should be able to change what drops from a specific beast.

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… Is moving a prim really that big of a deal? :grimacing:

This sounds like an unnecessarily overcomplicated idea to code for something that isn’t even that inconvenient imo

There’s better use for PG’s limited resources


I think that all of the beasts should just randomly pop up out of the ground like Whack-A-Mole and you just have to spend all your time in atlas chasing them down and hoping you finish the attack in time before it goes back down.


What if when it goes back down during your attack it takes you with it and transports you to some random a** area of the map and you finish the attack and all of a sudden BOOM you’re in the middle of some enemy territory and you can bash bash bash or maybe you’re around friends and you can just…sit on them? Whatever.

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NO! I want my Whack-A-Mole Beasts! I demand this thread remain open.


Beasts in Atlas be like:


@PGGalileo @PGLawson I believe these whack a mole beasts are the answer to all of the whining about “getting to those pesky safe castles” or whatever it is people say. Spontaneity! Adventure! Beasts! Music!

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Okay that’s overally complicated :joy::joy::joy:

Another solution too prevent stupid glitching is increase the shard payout for both pirates and Castle owners

I wouldn’t recommend increasing it for non castle owners, if they want to play on the offensive like Atlas should be designed for and not hold castles, then they shouldn’t get a buff in shards as well


It’s not complicated. It’s just a new way to randomly travel across the map and then nobody can complain about WhO gAvE pAsSaGe or WhY dO pEoPlE hAvE sAfE cAsTlEs HoW iS tHaT fAiR :relieved:

We all don’t and never have enough shards though well some people do because Aligane etc.

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