More diversity in Dragon class design

I wish to see Dragons that doesn’t look like their classes.
Let’s face it, in general Warriors have four limbs not counting wings, a bit bulky; Sorcerers are slender and fragile looking, some of them looking rather aquatic; Hunters are in between in built but if I am not mistaking they are almost every time wyverns or based on birds. Of course there are exceptions and the lines can be blurred at times, but it is often the case.

Also I think that lately the Divines took a turn for the creepy or unkind features. What happened to Ebon or Nightshade, Tarand and Snowdrop, Sage and Aster, Kinnarus and Zamrok kind of design? I’m not even talking about past Divines I only saw in pictures. I’m not saying they are badly designed, they are superb, but not to my general liking. Are the days of pretty Dragons long past?

Have you seen the new sorcerer? Fomhar? Samhrad? They aren’t on the ugly side lol

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This idea is disappointing. I was so gonna say “More diversity? My AirBrain identifies as a Warrior and chooses not to identify it’s gender”. So disappointed I didn’t get to use that line. Oh. Wait. :joy:

How dare you label them :joy:


Well I saw them, and of course beauty and taste is absolutely personal. Yes I like the recent Divines, and Fomhar is a beautiful dragon… With a creepy toothy head. Samhrad I can’t explain, something is lacking. Maybe he’s too colorful… Aibrean is a very interesting dragon design-wise, I can even tell I like it very much, but the head is creepy, again. The jaws too smooth is bugging me. It looks unusual, wrong. It gives off a sense of weirdness.

Edit: the new Sorcerer is pretty, but the contraption on the head is too cubic, too bizarre. We can’t see the eyes and it’s a big deal for animals if you don’t see the eyes. Creepy imo. It’s a new style to get used to.

So again this is not a thread to say that a design is awful, I just want to make sure everyone understands that. I specifically avoided the term ugly, though it was tempting. Because saying that something is ugly or beautiful is an opinion (I did use the term pretty tho… My opinion :joy:)

@Jonesy Aibrean is still a wyvern (four limbs, arms being the wings), which most Hunters are… Please don’t flame me :blush: Take my post as a selfish desire to finally own a quadruped Hunter instead of a wyvern as usual. I have a soft spot for quadruped Dragons… :smirk: And actually hates labels :tired_face:

If my title isn’t appropriate, what should I change it into? “Don’t judge a Dragon from his scales”? “Beware, a dragon can hide another”? I value your opinion.

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Sorry, I completely forgot the /sarcasm on my post.

I actually prefer functionality over looks - I could care less what the upcoming season’s dragons look like, their spell sets do not appeal to me at this point, minus the discount sorceror, and I hate sorcerors, so there’s that to consider as well.

But, for those that do care what they look like, by all means, push on, so long as the art department doesn’t not do more importanter stuff, like, you know, Atlas :roll_eyes:, ‘‘tis all good :+1:

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I supposed there was a bit of sarcasm, but I didn’t take it personally :wink: I know you’re better than that.
Next season don’t appeal to me much either (looks and skills) so I will probably save like most high players to see if the second announcement looks better (skillset-wise).
I’m not turning a blind eye to dragon skillsets because of their looks, I make my choices after considering everything else, including the weaknesses of my final choice :wink:

From a foreign perspective I may have made bad choices in season (skipping Necryx, choosing Leos over Avyx…) but I don’t regret it, they were the right choices for me :hugs:

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Hey now, Leo’s is actually a viable warrior! I’m using him quite regularly to completely demolish bases around my level (and a little higher, to be honest). Want some tips, hit me up :wink:


There are actually a fair number of hunters in the typical western dragon style of 4 legs plus 2 wings. Granted, most of them are in the lower tiers.

  • Red — Hext & Kastor
  • Purple — Daemun & Klax
  • Blue — Kromon, Kobahl, Viscus, & Drude
  • Orange — Habrok & Noss
  • Green — Pandi & Karna
  • Sapphire — Gorgonus & Hauheset

Oh I will never say Leos was a mistake. Just used to hear that “warrior = bad” from high levels. Leos is my go-to dragon from resources to xp flights. More reasons to love him than hate him.

  • A saurian leonine Dragon. Love cats :blush:
  • Golden fire and fabulous effect of Lion’s Rage around towers
  • Great regen health + shield, everything we love in warriors
  • A permanent damage increased passive spell even after we get back to full health
  • two resist for the most widespread damage towers to this day. Dark flak and fire turret.
  • I’ll retire Skarr soon :cry: I needed a reliable damage quencher dragon to brawl through xp bases and others :hugs: (despite his lame resist Skarr used to be very good at this :grin:)

@LizDrakemoor Thank you for finding them for me. I knew someone would check those. I was thinking more about Divines than regular tier dragons… And also special mention to Kastor. He got a complete revamp of his design… He was cute before…

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Yeah, I agree. I really dislike Kastor’s new design :laughing: And I was a bit surprised at how many non-wyvern hunters there were in the lower tiers. Especially in the blue tier.

Why they kept changing kastor’s design is something I don’t know, do you?

Apparently they thought the old cartoony look of him would put off new players so they revamped it. I think it was mentioned in release notes somewhere, but I have no idea where.

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It just happened out of the blue for me about Kastor design. Do you think that’s why we can’t obtain Phweemp anymore? Or his portrait I don’t remember… I had like one referral which didn’t even get to lv15, so I don’t know exactly how you can/could get him.

I think Phweep is still obtainable (the dragon) but the Pog avatar is no longer able to be obtained because the licensing for it expired. I have it though, but I never use it. I much prefer the Aurora portrait :blush:

It was thrown in randomly during an update, got quite a a few people upset because there was a crazy amount of glitches running rampant

Edit: referring to kastor

It was Cartoon Kastor’s Curse :scream:! That’s why we got so many sync errors months ago!

I was actually hoping this was going to be a topic about new dragon classes, not a discussion of their looks.


Well the title is abit misleading. Should have added the word design there.

Considering the role of each class the design stereotypes make sense tho. Like warrior is tank so its bulky and stable or sorcerer relies on spell so it looks weak or hunter is supposed to be stealthy so its strong enough but still looks lean.

These creepy and vicious series is just a phase, i think. Overall design has gone from traditional looking dragon with rocky scales to prettier and classier looking dragon and now they’re experimenting with creepy and vicious look.


For some reason Coatl’s headgear makes me think of a phylactery. It’s a little boxy.

Agreed. I thought this was a discussion about adding new classes on top of warrior, hunter and sorc :man_facepalming: