More farms and other resource buildings



I think we need to be able to build more than two of then. The food and wood needed to upgrade and train our dragons is not enough. Not everyone is made of money either to be buying packs left and right.


I take it you’re quite low level? Upgrading them will soon give you more than you need for normal use, only during specific events do those resources ever run low.

On the other hand, more farms would make a massive difference to wars, which is not a good thing I’d say.


I’m guessing you have a looooooooooong Base then…


If the food is not enough to train your dragons, you must be way behind on your breeding compared to your level. I say this because you apparently do not have the extra eggs needed for the builder’s hut upgrades.

I am lvl 199 and currently have lvl 50 farms, which produce an hourly rate of 19.9k food with a harvest cap of 205k. Between that and raiding, I have absolutely no problems getting the food I need to train my dragons, provided I am willing to put in a bit of effort.

Edit: You probably also need to make sure that your storage hut is kept close to max for your current level. Having too small of a storage hut can cause you serious issues later on in the game.


Just looked at your base. At level 9, you have a lot of room to grow. Your base is pretty long already. I’d recommend you not go any further, at a minimum and maybe consider pulling back some. I’m level 120 and you have one more tower than I do.

Just make sure to keep your farms and storage hut at max for your level and you should never have a problem.


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