More fast dragons please

I am a player who didn’t play the season in which Krelos was available. Since there is a HUGE difference in clearing speed between Krelos and any other dragon, I’m severely handicapped in atlas.
So PG, would you please consider introducing another fast dragon to level the playing field?

Note: A Krelos resurrection branch would work as well (although it’s probably way too early for that)


I was small and only took krelos to gold. I would love for him to come back so I could take him further.

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I picked the game back up right at the start of Krelos’s season (Sunscorch) but sorcerers had always sucked so I never got him. I feel your pain. That is by far my biggest regret in playing this game.

While more dragons like Krelos would be lovely, it isn’t very likely it’ll ever happen again. Krelos was just a little broken :sweat_smile:

I see that they’re trying to do more fast dragons with new concepts like Sorath’rim’s glorious charge. But I just can’t see them doing another dragon with speed demon or something similar.


I understand your agument, but with Krelos being broken, the game is broken. The difference in clearing speed between Krelos and any other dragon is that high that I think it is unfair to just leave everyone who missed him at a severe disadvantage in atlas w.r.t. glory accumulation and troop efficiency. There are quite a number of atlas tactics that only work when you have Krelos.


That is actually a very good point :thinking:

I’m all for it, it just doesn’t seem very likely at all that they’ll anything remotely like Krelos

They’ll either be forced to

  1. Revive krelos every year
  2. Make speed dragons the norm every few seasons
  3. Nerf krelos if people keep complaining

I only got him on 2 of my accounts, if you don’t have him you can’t be competitive, and you can’t get him anymore so it’s broken… make him lineage maybe… :rofl:


Yes do that /s for slightly /S plus Gig = Krelos / Click to win no skill at all

What if he became a shard festive? I don’t know, I’m just speculating.

I wonder what others think of Krelos, especially the higher levels. Any other opinions?

That it was annoying and I’m glad it is no longer relevant. I certainly hope they never bring it back.

Also just because I need to state that the fact that atlas relies on speed is just another reason why atlas sucks.

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That depends. Krelos is fast, but not that strong. Bases lower than your level and maybe some your level are pretty much the only ones you can win easily against. Anything above that (especially defended) and you’ll most likely need another dragon to follow.

But I do get the point. Speed is very important in atlas, and being the fastest dragon in game means that the players that don’t have him are definitely at a disadvantage.


Newer players (and older who didn’t get Krelos) want the opportunity to compete with this fast dragon. Because:


I have been asking for this for quite a while, and I do still think it is a good idea. That way, all players have a useful dragon in their rosters to perform their daily, mundane tasks, and players who join/rejoin in subsequent seasons are not at a disadvantage. Krelos is an extremely useful dragon, and I think everyone should have him.


I think that’s a very limited point of view :man_shrugging:t2:


they will in due time relax

You can’t blame a level 70 player coming back to the game after 2-3 years for saying that lol

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