More feeding before breeding


I don’t mind having a separate feeding/training event, but we need more of them. Strategizing to get the most out of the feeding events I don’t train hardly at all until the next event. But in between we end up having multiple breeding events and I run out of dragons that are ready to breed.
One solution to too many minor events would be if you were to combine major and minor events, having rewards for the minor won through the quests. Or having rewards from the minor contribute to the major, and visa versus. During the times that we are waiting for energy to regenerate we can be doing upgrades, and upgrades could be sped up when launching attacks.
There’s a lot less engagement during the minor events, and that may be a way to generate more interest.


Or, hear me out, don’t starve your dragons.

You could:

  • get the crap ones breedable and stop
  • feed your main 3-4

Problem solved. And then they get rid of feeding entirely, saving us all the misery.


That would be a glorious day indeed :partying_face:


Complete erasure or possible replacement? :thinking:


Well, she already proposed a replacement


So much nope to this

No one needs feeding. As Red said just feed your dragons and stop hindering progress for an event that happens once or rarely twice a season. You should be able to get more than enough points during a feeding event from your perch(s) and pointlessly feeding benched breedables.

Minor events are supposed to be about progressing further. Feeding doesnt do that, either you’re holding back your main dragons and thus causing yourself to be weaker than you should be or you’re pointlessly feeding dragons that are already at breeding level/spam feeding perches. On top of that food becomes so hard to get without food packs that it then hinders your ability to feed those dragons you foolishly starved.

If they dont kill feeding (which they should) then just turn the stupid thing into a mini event that runs between events for 2 days and limit the earnable rewards.


:roll_eyes: If they do it, it’s better if they can handle food economy during the period, especially since Chests aren’t available between events (after event result vanishes) .


We do need feeding, its the 2nd best event after fort
Great idea Shazam.


So you didn’t speed train your dragons?

Anyway, feeding event doesn’t really help with breed - train cycle, especially if you’re having backbreed.

Also, are you following a “breeding path” ?


I said this for awhile now, Feeding is at exactly the wrong frequency. They should either:

  • Kill it entirely, letting everyone know it’s going away so that we stop starving our useless dragons.
  • Or -
  • Find a way to add it to the regular cadence, say M-W of PvP weeks roughly once a month so that we can regularly feed our useless dragons and keep them competitive with our invader base.

Note that regardless, if you’re starving the top of your lineup you’re Doing It Wrong and it’s your own fault for stunting your progression. There are plenty of Pyrochises and Decis to bank levels on. But as is, over 8-12 weeks, even my scrubs start to struggle a bit.


Honestly there are upsides to feeding in general (outside the 1st 2 weeks of a season)

You dont have to grind for points
You have free time to grind for chests/glory
It doesn’t take consumables to get points (timers/tokens/energy packs/inner fires)

In a sense its like a free 5 days to farm progression stuff unimpeded.

Not saying I like the event… Just trying to be a glass half full kinda guy today…but just today, no promises about tomorrow



-k, seeing those caps… i now admit that i’ve had too much caffeine. :man_facepalming:t2:


Why hate feeding I love that event


It is literally the worst event in rotation:

  • it teaches bad habits (starving dragons)
  • it majorly screws the food economy for weeks
  • it is boring
  • it encourages teammates to be greedy (feed their perch) instead of a team player (help the person who has good dragons to feed)

As everyone knows, I believe the event should be replaced with an XP event.


Probably too add…
It encourages spending heal potions in the worst possible way.

As a comparison

  • Fort requires less hunt than feed due to higher success rate (and amount)
  • Breeding uses it on the dragon for next progress.
  • PvP gives guaranteed points for each run (unless you’re crazy enough to hit far beyond your level at near zero chance)
  • Atlas mine run gives guaranteed gold as well as xp for non main dragons.

For feeding, we’ll mostly hunt with our best dragons anyway, which don’t actually need the xp…


I do admit that my excitement concerning breeding is quite limited as well.
At least as far WD is concerned.

But both events mean there is lots of time for Atlas without the stupid event shield. The more boring PVPs mean you can’t even do something relevant in Atlas.


I think that even if PG announced that they were removing the event - too many players wouldn’t believe it.

Am I right in saying this has happened before? (Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong) :monkey:


At one point PG promised no more feeding events… but here we are, arguing about the darn things :see_no_evil:

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Everyone can stop crying this ain’t Burger King can’t always have your way me for one I have resource tabs for feeding like over 3 million food for feeding so what I starve my dragons as they say I don’t dictate how players play a game it’s a game and you don’t see the reason why PG has feeding next obviously not, because its business I know this because I know how the business model works you got three choices you can whine complain bitch and moan figure how to grind the event or just quit.

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Can we please just remove feeding from the game forever?
Can we please just remove the “revamped” Bounty Harbor from the game? A few less taps per day, KK Thanks PG!
Can we please just remove the Daily Offer? The novelty of laughing at it has worn off and it clutters my screen.
Can we please just remove Ryuu from the game? Comment that bad boy out of the code.
Can we please just remove Speed up Prims movement for rubies from the game? Tired of my fat fingers accidentally costing me 50 of them.

Lets get some REAL spring cleaning going on 'round here!