More feeding before breeding


nooooo feeding, no no, just no


Pssst! This week is pvp… Yay!

I wouldn’t mind the XP event Red suggested. That’s what I was implying :wink:


Over 3m in food packs?! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Wait, I can store that in my hut and farms for the start of a feeding event, then we get several million in food from our banks during the event.

3M is like 2 dragons barely fed right?


Depends on the stage of the game you are in :rofl::rofl: and considering how many of your dragons are experts, your statement holds very true for you.


I’m surprised mech has any dragons to feed that are all not maxed anyway. :slight_smile:
Pokemon syndrome. Someone tell Red.


Yeah I’m not a high level player, but my Stormheim alone still wants 16m food just by virtue of being a great gold mine runner. Total food wanted by old line dragons is in the region of 120m, and I only bother to level the ones that can easily solo my invader. There’s really zero reason to starve anything one you’re past level 150 or so. There’s no way I can find enough food in a feeding event to come close to feeding all of these guys.


I agree. Or combine feeding and breeding. Let’s face it, we all finish the biggest portion of these events In The first 15 mins…


No no no no no.
Do NOT combine feeding and breeding.


And why not?


I’ve just hatched Noctua, after getting the last 3k eggs today. I know many others use the full extent of the breeding event, not just the first 15 minutes, specially when you breed multiple dragons where the first one is the parent of the next one, you need time to level to breedable during the event.
And regarding why not combine, please use the search function of the site :slight_smile:


Some people need food to make dragons breedable during breeding event :man_shrugging: Feed event = no food


It would DESTROY the food economy. DESTROY. If they did this, feeding dragons to get breedable would be HELL.


Breeding my most recent mythic dragon took me a lot more than that…

PS: feel free to explore the search function in the upper right corner.

Feed + breed result in


You need a better device with more RAM. Makes breeding go like umm, bunnies… :joy:
K, I’m done with the funnies.


Idk, for some reason I actually like feeding a lot 0-0
I also really like kingdom wars, its probably my favourite pvp event, no idea why everyone hates it.

I feel very backwards…


Kingdom wars I love, feeding is noooooooooooo, boring as hell, and pretty much no food in the market after the first initial 15 mins.


Well, when you put it THaT way :flushed::flushed: perhaps I didn’t think that one through all the way​:joy::joy::joy:


Many, many people don’t think through all the possible ramifications of combining the two events :sweat_smile:


If you notice I said the majority… not all…
I realize many of us(myself included) continue through the event.
The bulk of it is done early for most


I clearly did not on that one