More feeding before breeding


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Do away with feeding. Maybe do a Blackbloods instead…


But wouldnt that be right up PG’s alley then? Seems like every season they pull at least one Leeroy Jenkins

On topic: :-1: feeding


Really hoping for none of that this season but i guess we will find out.



Great. Now we will get double feeding back to back.


:flushed: Where did we hear this?
IMO, I’d rather have it replaced, but feeding really needs proper closure to satisfy all who either love it or hate it.


It was a long time ago. Might have been on the old forums (which no longer exist…)


Why nobody has a problem with fort like feeding is like feeding is way worse

  1. Fort is capped by timers, level, base & breeding progress. Feeding is not.
  2. Fort uses wood, food, shards, pearl, and embers for points (rubies doesn’t count). Feed uses food only. Also, have you ever compared perch hunger rate to food production?
  3. Food is minor resources during fort, but Major resources during feed. Each run which doesn’t give enough return during feed is a LOSS.
  4. Side effect. Lack of food will make one rethink before doing a run. Therefore, each xp run is deemed more expensive. People will rather doing run for food (using main dragons) or feed their perch rather than xp runs.

Say, if PG does give PvE bases granting guaranteed food / food packs, half of the problem will be solved


Are you speaking for lower lvl or all players


The higher you are, more food you’ll need for your perch, compared to how much you can get from production.
Also, more food you’ll need per run.


Can’t build if you don’t have the necessary materials can’t feed if you don’t have food so what is the problem with feeding I don’t see any substantial evidence on why it’s such a bad event I don’t have problems with it


Right, so that stops the event from completely Ducking the economy (after the first two days). EVERYONE uses food constantly and selfishly.


Still I like it if you don’t like the event don’t even participate I don’t have a problem with either of the teams I’m in, still need substantial evidence on why people hate this event


It’s always the same folks complaining about feeding events, yet the same thing can be said about fort. Everyone saves up their timers then kills and kills and kills to scrounge up enough lumber to build their bases. Why not just continually build your base, and use your timers as you get them? Why wait and then just grind and grind for wood? Most people do feed their top three, and most do feed until breedable. Most of us need the extra space in the cadence to help in getting enough eggs to breed, and stay competitive. While those in diamond and sapphire don’t see the need for feeding, the lower levels actually need it.


I don’t think anyone feels like they need to convince you of anything. If you like the event, well, more power to you.

There have been countless (good) reasons given why this event shouldn’t exist. If that’s not enough then there isn’t an argument to be made that would change your mind unless it’s something completely nonsensical that you are looking for.

Is it easy points? Sure. Does it teach any good habits? No. And before you compare it to fort, a few things:

  1. fort makes your base stronger (assuming it’s done right). This progresses in the game, and is an asset to you and your team

  2. if you argue that feeding makes your dragons stronger, I’d ask why you are holding back making roster dragons from being more powerful, because that ISN’T beneficial to the team. It’s the opposite of that. And if they aren’t a roster dragon, then you aren’t getting more powerful, so it throws that argument out the window.

Also, it’s boring as hell.


Agree with you, to a point. But if building your towers, is a good thing, then why wait? You should be constantly building, for the better of the team. Let’s be honest, the only reason whe don’t continually build our bases, is because there is an event that gives us sigils for doing it…kind of like feeder. And again, the lower teams need this extra event in the cadence to help us get more eggs for breeding, which, after all is one of the more import parts of this game.


No you need to put more effort in if you want to grind out egg tokens. You don’t need a special event to slack off in just to free up time for missions.

Hell, do it during the breeding event.


Not about slacking. That extra week helps to get a couple thousand more eggs. While some folks get thousands a day just for logging in, the bigger folks in the lower leagues are struggling to get enough to breed one drag per breeder. I like feeder, and I also like the replacement idea red suggested, but the extra event in the cadence to spread out the breeding events would be nice.


I see your 3m and I raise you 26m :man_shrugging: