More feeding before breeding


No extra weeks are needed between events. Lower level players don’t need as many tokens (say orange and green). More than 4 weeks would screw them. Bigger players can breed multiple dragons per event. More than 4 weeks would hold up progression.

Adapt. If you haven’t adapted to the cadence by now you need to work or plan harder


That would make sense except for the level 300-400s in platinum.


Pvp are as boring as hell
Most people want the feeding event
Only one’s complaining seem to be the higher level players.


Have you opened a single gold chest ever? 🤷


Not sure with this.
One cycle of feed event doesn’t even fill all my dragons hunger (Yep, holding back at legendary glyph prize…)
However, I still hate it (as a mere lv 170)

On PvP, you are guaranteed for more chests, and sometimes learn to fly too (winning a run is 70%+ base defeat. 5 Flame as great run)
What is winning on feeding?


Feeding event is easy points compared to the boring grind of pvp


Some folks enjoy hitting the same team/same base over and over and over and over, and over, and over. It’s so much more exciting and challenging than grinding for food.


I don’t mind hitting the same base over and over and over and over…
As long as they have boss towers, and boss towers, and boss towers…
Btw, in Gauntlet, PvP part (No MEGA involved) is quite exciting…


Don’t disagree with ya on some of that. I prefer to spread the wealth around, vice grinding on one base/team; however, with some of the events, then add in these no hit alliances…it’s the same team/same player, over and over and over and over and over. Boooooooooooooooooring.


Nah, you made it boring yourself. Don’t blame the event as NO HIT ALLIANCE is not included in any part of the rules. You (as is players) Players add it yourself themselves.

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No. Fort has an end before the event ends, feeding does not.

Yes, and then the lumber comes back as people run out of clocks.

Because your base would be weaker if you let builds go naturally.

There are actually a MASSIVE amount of smaller players that starve everything, and low level leaders who encourage this.

Feeding doesn’t usually add extra space, as it typically replaces a PvP, leaving breeding events still 4 weeks apart.

We just see the downsides more. We would rather have something else. Lower levels don’t need it. It’s actually easier for higher levels than lower levels.


I didn’t add a no hit alliance. I hate them.


No hit alliances actually don’t work that well in gauntlet. It’s beneficial to finish the islands to gain the static VP portion of the reward even if you are against your allies


TBH, I wasn’t even aware of no-hit alliance for gauntlet.

The teams my teams had allied before for gauntlet were merely about no-defense when we see each other. So the better co-op teams for the time will win.


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Yep, take your time and maximize your points vs each other. And if one team has the ability to move up to a new prize bracket from a win, help em out if you can


It’s not like the pvp island lasts more than 3 mins anyways. :man_shrugging:t2:

I even struggle to finish an attack to the pvp island as my teammates, too, will spam megas. :joy::rofl::joy:

Unless we’re talking about lower than plat teams.


I love the ideas about changing it from feeding to xp event. I don’t see the argument about wiping out the food economy any different than lumber being scarce during fortification. As with every event I see them as an opportunity to work towards the mythic dragons and other rewards that make other events more profitable. Maybe it doesn’t mean as much to the higher level players who can breeze through points with no effort, but for us newbies some of us enjoy the challenge of strategizing to optimize our efforts. When I same my training for the event I just keep attacking until I have enough food to level up the next dragon. It remains engaging that way. Maybe they should make farm production x2 or 3 like they do eggs during breeding.


No hits in Gauntlet only hurt both teams. For friendly teams the most I’d go is a no defend agreement.


Here is why. After a player runs out of timers they stop. This means more wood becomes available as this person is no longer grinding. You have the first hour or so to grind and then the last few days with a decent amount of available wood.

Feeding doesn’t have that. People can constantly feed perches, run more exp runs, bring out retired dragons to max (which outside of event points is kinda pointless) and work through their stockpile of exp. this means a player has no reason at all to stop. This means that there is no point outside of the first few hours where food is easily available. Hell trying to get 1m food 50k food at a time is a night mare and that’s assuming you don’t get hit halfway.

As others have suggested, having the event replaced with the exp event would be better as lack of food doesn’t stop you. You can progress outside of the event. People with maxdragons can actually do anything. You can grind it no matter what with no limit. You get the same result and people are encouraged to grow their dragons outside of the event. There is no requirement to fly dragons that can’t even clear exp bases anymore too