More feeding before breeding


As with all events, if you plan for each event throughout the season there’s no reason to be inactive through its duration. As with building I store up my timers and never run out. Likewise with dragons to train.


But forti and breeding slow your progress as well, or do you breed or build in between events?


Agreed! But there are greater benefits to reserving your timers for events. You make greater strides for your team, your own placement, and earn more rewards that go toward devine dragons, the immediate event, and future events.


I build without timers. Usually buildings that take the longest so I don’t have to use as many timers to finish it when the next fortification starts. I have enough devine dragons and healing potions that I don’t have to rely on any regular dragons exept for
egg token missions and earning sigils during feeding.


If it lets you to have more profit, why not?


At a certain point in fort, you run out of timers or you hit level caps. During feeding you can feed your perch every 20 minutes. The. Entire. Event.


Waiting for feeeding event.


Are you suggesting that me, someone who makes guides for the community (Breeding guides) and who has the owner of the fortification planner (@mechengg) on my diamond team that I’ve led for nearly 4 years, doesn’t plan for a building event? I plan, and yes, I run out of timers each and every time.

My storage and other non-defensive buildings are going between events, yes. I don’t breed between events because it usually takes me a month to get back to the 200k tokens mark. With breeding, it’s very much not the same as holding back feeding.


Not if you reserve your timers only for fort


You are not planning your fort events properly then :joy:



You’ll get there bud. You’ll get there…


I wasn’t making a personal insinuation to you, and I’m sure I could learn a lot from you. But I have been able to surpass almost everyone on my team of most times 45 players since I started playing 7 months ago, using conservation principles and patience, never
spending a penny, being aggressively active, and teaching these strategies to my teammates, who have used them and are now competitive with me in the events. We can all learn from each other. I have a lot to learn from your strategies and experience. Although
I’m new to this game I bring experience from other games and real life.


Hey! Welcome to the game! I see that you are L65 on this account in game, and for 7 months of free playing isn’t too bad. Gold 4 does seem like a half decent league to start out in, but the trouble with that league is that it’s chalked full of a bunch of people who don’t have in depth knowledge of the game and play extremely casually. If you want good advice, people usually come here to discuss items. We can certainly help you out if you have half a mind to listen and discuss?

If I may make a suggestion, download my fortification planner and play around with it. It really assists in helping to plan out your events to maximize your points and make efficient use of your timer stash.

Second suggestion is to download and read my base building guide. You need it. The basics (if you don’t want to read it) is that you should only ever need 10 towers in the game, plus a few mages out front. This really helps you to focus your firepower over a very short time frame, with towers that have a ton of health. It makes it really difficult for a dragon to get over vs being able to output more damage over a far longer period of time and taking less damage over this time frame. As with most tower defense games, each level upgrade usually gets exponentially better. That means that a single slightly better tower is typically far better off than multiple slightly lower level towers. You can also pack that damage and tower health in over a short amount of time you face the dragon, and you can take them down very quickly.

Third suggestion is to not recommend things to your teammates and speak like you know what you are talking about. You are L65 with a full length base of up to L19 towers only. So until you actually know mechanics behind the game, perhaps do a bit more reading than talking :slight_smile: This seems to be a very common theme amongst the lower leagues, they have a bunch of folks who really don’t know the game well. You seem to have a keen interest in it, so come here and discuss with the best of the best rather than with your team and league. We know what we are talking about, and have many many years of experience with it. We have done the background looks at the coding, we have analyzed all of the data and made plans around it.
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Try again, please



For clarity, I am in my 400s, have been playing for nearly 4 years, am the leader of a top 50 team, and know my stuff. You might want to take Mech’s advice, as aggressive as it may seem, as you need it.


Also, doing well at events =/= knowledge of the game…


I’ll be nice :slight_smile:


How come that you didn’t suggest Red’s breeding path?
It’s related matters, as Red’s guide allow us to get extra eggs faster (required material for builder hut)?


I also reserve shards, pearls, and everything else relevant that boosts my points


So does everybody?