More feeding before breeding


You’re right. There have been some things I’ve figured out later in the game and will be making course corrections. But the strategies I have been using for planning have helped, and I would like to learn from you too. Where would I find those?


Ah, I see what you’re doing. I’ll have to incorporate that too. Thanks


Very kind. Mutual sentiments


True, and I’ve only been able to operate with the knowledge that I’ve been able to observe


Yes, I don’t think myself superior. I only speak from the discoveries I’ve had to make on my own


Fortification Planner thread, the download link is at the very top


Thanks! My original intention was just to express that I valued the event, and had no intention of coming across as if I had any superior understanding. I appreciate the interaction and your input.


:eyes: :rofl:


I like feeding. It’s my lazy event.

:running_man: Before Red kicks me in the ass…


Thank you