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I got a small suggestion for PG. For next season, or maybe the middle of this season… How about adding a new branch In Atlas? I feel like many players have already finished the season, so perhaps it would be good to make a new branch becomes available when you compete the season. Maybe a branch offers exclusively resources like stones, scrolls, packs? This will hopefully motivate players to finish all Atlas season branches and give others more to do… What do you all think?


I remember Peter suggesting to make lines where you can get one specific resource. So like just straight gold packs, bullhorns, shards, etc


Didn’t we already have that added with Exotic Gear?

I’d, personally, rather them fix atlas to have more of a long-term and short-term objective that is more feasible and fun before putting more prizes out that only people on extremely active atlas teams may reach.


But active players quickly close out the season. That’s why I don’t suggest including gear or the Rider. Only resources, so that the more active players would be more interesting.


If we can have atlas branches with things like dragons skins, that would make it more fun. Not just this season’s dragons but past dragons as well.


How about an extra line for number of days of inactivity? Max 90 days of not logging in … these players get rewarded with all the lines collected and claimed?

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They just increased the cost of a season by nearly a million glory last season, is there really a lot of “fun” in making it even more expensive? This seems more like a thing for the 1% to widen the gap even more.


@Morreion :leafy_green:

Totally agree with sensei here

I barely finished 2 branches so far. Im moderately active and i feel like all that extra branches will achieve is widen the gap between me and crazies😂

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There already is a “line” with just resources in it, but it’s not immediately obvious and doesn’t really feel like you’re achieving anything.

This “line” is the repeatable chests at the end of the gear and special lines.

The key to success is not to give the top more to do, but give the middle a fun reason to do more.


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