More glory to defender primarch

hi Atlas Community, i would like to propose something , defending primarch should receive more glory when defending
as they cannot attack , and defending glory sucks as it is now.
When attack is done on my primarch and i decide to defend my base , if i totally annihilate the attacker , i get close to nothing in glory , and opposite scenario attacker totally clean my base , i loose all my troops and get close to nothing in glory , defending primarch should get 1 glory for each troop lost or 0.75 , so that way even thought you loose all your troops you gain something for it.
If you totally annihilate your opponent you should gain max glory from this… as when opponent totally annihilate you and gain max glory for this as well. Defending system lacks something.
This game got me in because i love to play tower defense but i stopped to play atlas because i can’t tower defense and get something for it :confused: , or almost nothing even thought i won my defense totally. i really think defense system could use a tune up to help defensive primarch lv up.Win or loose defending theres not a single time i got more glory then troops lost , but opposite win an attack i always get more glory then troops lost, defending should give same glory then attacking. Also would be nice to benefits lower lv to stand up agains’t top tier atlas , if defending your base even vs a lv 700 would give you much glory in it and will help you raise your defending primarch in lv.

Not true. You can get very good glory from a successful defense:


:roll_eyes: I’d guess the attacker used much stronger prim in this case, and/or the win is barely a win (close to 70%).

Percentage matters.

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Successful defences do indeed get very good glory. Very good.

I might suggest that a certain overpowered few latest dragons have made successful defences far less likely.

It would be interesting to see what the data would be for atlas for each month for % of successful defences across all atlas players, or some other helpful statistic.


i have tested some time on alligane since i saw glory on defense has been adjusted …, as i am lv 543 now i got attacked by lv 625 with expert amaruk and he went throught my base like paper (did dmg him 50%) , i got 2k glory lost 10k troops he lost 3k troops and probably got 12k glory… this scenario repeated 5 times always with amaruk 6th time i finnally killed his 3 dragons , i got 1000 glory because he had 200 troops any possible way it gets adjusted one day? i stopped atlas for the same reason + costing me 29$ per month to keep atlas elite ( wouldnt care to pay for atlas elite if defending for glory would give fair amount if attacked by lv 6xx (lv 543 top lv tower is 132 wich is paper for amaruk ) :/. i totally agree with you @GhostOfTirasus

That’s your issue. You got a 1:3 KDR lol

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what do you mean?


Might want to look at the formula again.


3k death 12k killed is 4.5k glory if thats is 100%
defending sucks unless u r bigger lol

Not 100% for sure. Level difference penalty.

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Not a successful defense, still 100% glory for you, hence nothing changed in your case.

:roll_eyes: Having the defense too successful can still get capped glory in some case though. Still, agree that the ratio is much better.

When defending u have to allow the attacker to kill some of your base. Ego if attacker total splat and lose 15-20k and kills maybee 1k…the glory total sucks for that successful defense.

“Sucks” needs to be defined.

In terms of glory per own troop lost - defensive glory is very very good if you splat the attacker. You should be getting something in the region of 5 glory per 1 troop dead.

In terms of glory per enemy troop killed - that’s not as good - but who cares really?

Similarly in terms of glory per battle - defensive battles are not meant for max glory outputs - attack if you want to manage glory per battle.

So, define your measures properly first - then compare.

It’s worse when a very low level attacks a higher level and has another high level backing their attack. You lose ALL your troops and get 0 glory from the attack, which really sucks and should not be. Regardless of who is helping, if your prim is attacked and attack defeats you, you should get glory from it.


In this case, for the defender, the highest level among the attackers is the one used for the calculation, thus it shouldn’t be 0 (unless even the highest backer’s level is still below 70% the attacked base).

Aren’t you supposed to get 100% glory correspodingly to the glory formula of troops lost and troops killed, regardless of levels or team ranks when you’re defending your castle?

Or is this about when you were attacking lower ranked team’s castle and their lowbie defended their castles from you with a teammate high enough to beat you?

(Added:) The former sounds like a bug, there should be a fix.

The latter… I can’t really discuss the latter due to having no knowledge of it. My team rank is low enough for me to find teams that are ranked higher with a not-so-impossible roster to hit. So I’ve never had to touch teams lower rank than mine.

Lower ranked teams do come and attack us, but retaliatory actions against them are usually done by others with higher troop counts.

Often times I am busy at work and park my prim in NML or Aligane. Occasionally I will see a low level who would definitely not be able to take me on alone hitting my prim. A few times I’d pop in to defend to see what they were doing and they would have someone backing their attack. So with help they would take my prim out, troops and all, and I am left with zip. I am not sure if this works the same if it was done on a castles


NML parking… :man_facepalming:t2:

Fighting at castles account for team rank difference, so no, they are not calculated the same.

And glory points are mainly based off of how many troops you kill and how many of your troops were killed. Everything else are multipliers.

Since your example is about a fight between a lowbie and you, the two parties that actually lose troop counts are the ones that are accounted for gp calculation regardless of how many defenders you have had or how high level of a backer that lowbie had.

Drakinasthorn is ranked at 770. Why not just go sniping rank 769~700 when you actually have time? That will be much better for your gp earning rate and revive rate, as that will guarantee 50% gp ratio no matter the player level of your target due to team rank difference.

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