More information when defending

We were kinda dragging a thread off topic so here lol @OrcaFrost :eyes::see_no_evil:

Basic premise: allow defenders to view important information such as tower levels, tower type, and boost % when defending. Also total boost % including gear on attacking dragons. We already have a UI element for the 30% dragon boosts, seriously just add gear to that

I was thinking basing this on existing UI elements. We have something similar in tactical view when looking at someone else’s base

I think this would be too cluttered if all this information was shown for all towers at once. However if we use monuments to display total boost % and make tower types actually visually distinct that would clean things up. I was thinking monuments because we already connect these with a certain island section, the boost for that whole section is the same, and it’s not so in the way as say attaching the text to a point above or below the island section (mostly because of the mid long). Plus these points exist already to display 30% base boost consumables. Having tower type and level might be ok. I mean I guess you don’t need to see the tower if the thing covering it tells you what it is

So something like this but with a dark background for tower levels for better visibility:

And also real icons instead of emojis :joy:



  • Detailed view (with tower name) might help anyone unable tell similar towers.
  • Simplified view (just numbers) will help the rest of us.
  • Clear view (current state) makes it cleaner.

Therefore I’d propose an additional toggle (bottom right?) in order to be able to switch between 3 view.


A three setting toggle would work. And it should remember the last setting or default to what the player chooses in settings menu. It’s kind of hard to know whether it will be too much or not because we’re working in 3D so a 2D mockup won’t cover it. Also what about the active defense consumables? Could be difficult to see if we’re adding tower types. Add shield/sword icon to the text overlay?

And maybe in top left add the player whose base is being attacked? Something like the AttackerName​:crossed_swords::shield:BaseName in Atlas perhaps

Also we could do something about the player list in top right. I think separate box for attacker and defender would be good. Indicate base owner if they joined cause why not. Maybe lead attacker too just to make it pretty, though they should be at the top of the attacker list either way. Do we want to display attacker level?


I think allowing defender to flick to a map view would solve most of our issues. Trick is how to do that whilst the flight is live.

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I’m not too keen on switching to a whole nother screen. I feel like you’d waste valuable time reorienting yourself when you switch back. And you’d need some sort of transition animation so that it’s not super jarring which takes up more time

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:roll_eyes: Thought it will create another issue (delayed switching?)

:thinking: “Sword” and “Shield”?
I guess, leaving it as it is atm is fine.

For monument boost (gear + tower boost + base boost), total numbers on the monument should be fine.

Maybe. You only need to look at it once really. But the current animation is a bit disorientating especially if you have the tactical view rotated.

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With battle delay, it’s not really applicable for the first attacker.
Unless somehow PG can replace the loading screen with the base we’ll defend :laughing:

I’d love to have defend load in time… ya know… since a lot of people can’t even defend half the base by the time they load in.


Our current delay time is.

  • Initial delay time (happens more on Android)
  • Checking for enemies dragon
  • Looking for kill island + fixing orientation + Lag time

Therefore an ideal solution shouldn’t add more “delay time”


Very much like this idea, and toggle button to display tower levels and tower name abbreviations would be great.

Another solution to the former though might be to put a huge warning on players home screen during fort along the lines of “this fake kill island you just built will confuse those trying to defend you and make them waste supershots” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Preaching to the choir.

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What about a farther evolving of the towers, so you would ca. see the tower lvl and the bases would look nicer.

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Just a double and triple barreled flak (like the cannons) is would be nice.

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