More island diversity

Give players a few pre-planned options for base layouts! Dungeons and Atlas helps alleviate the monotony, but we are mainly going to attack other peoples’ bases in the main game. We don’t necessarily need new visuals (the cityscape aesthetic kinda broke the game, but it was a great attempt!).

So the main base has 11 build-able islands that looks like
(^ furthest start point)

Maybe we could get something like a Z?
{0}‾‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾/°
====== /
=====/__ ° __ (< furthest start point)

Or maybe a swirl?
(v furthest start point)
|==\° ‾‾ ‾‾ ‾‾ \
|== _{0} ==|
|°__ __ - °|

Ideally players would pick whichever layout they want when they first start the game. Maybe even offer a trial run with good ol’ Draco to help the player decide which one they like the best! But allow a single change (costing rubies) after a certain level (still allowing a free trial run or just a playable demo). Players would have to deposit all of their base items into storage first, and remove any perch dragons of course.

The island designs are fine as they are, so I don’t see the point in changing them. And PG has more important issues they need to fix.


I’m not saying they’re bad or anything, I’d just like to see something new. And yeah, there are game-breaking things that need fixing first. But this is just a suggestion box, so here it is. XD

Too many islands will break the current dragons, heck it makes bases take too long if this were too happen

Nope to this. There is pretty much no chance they could implement this without seriously breaking either the main game or atlas. Nope nope nope and a hell no for good measure.

Other than uber whales people dont even utilize all of their islands anyway (unless they’re full of baby towers)

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Changing the island layout would (most likely) corrupt the game. As for a Z or swirl shape, it would be harder to defend/attack. PG needs to fix the current glitches before doing something else.

Even if they did it would be a nightmare to balance. And very swiftly, one of the layouts would turn out to be the most effective, everyone would switch to that one, and you’d have a ton of effort spent on having the same status quo.


I would like to test +1 tower slot per island ( essentially from actual 5 slots to 6 towers per island)

We effectively already got that with the introduction of the Howitzer and its long range. You are now engaged by 6 or more towers at once depending where you are on the Long Island and the tower layout. Would you like to increase that more?

I would imagine that that scenario plays out something like: New dragons would be released capable of handling more tower engagement at one time effectively referring old dragons and spell kits far less effective and throwing off early game balance as it would necessitate using the new season divines rather than lineage dragons.

In a meta where that last predicament of divine-centric gameplay being already noted as a potential compromise to balance, would you be comfortable pushing the scales further from center?

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