More limited edition stuff

So after reading updates on atlas’s next event there will be more limited edition rewards that the majority of the player base who STILL don’t have access won’t be able to win.

The divide continues to grow between the select few and the majority of the game player base. Great Job!


Fear not

And what about gold, silver and bronze? How many years later since the initial beta and yet many of the player base don’t have access.

At the moment those lower leagues won’t be added at all. I think Plat teams will have a hard enough time with it as it is.

I’ll let Red answer you here. I can almost predict what she’ll say.


Finally I’m really exited for atlas!

That’s why they’re making atlas alliances an actual in game thing, not just something we arrange via chats

you want Atlas to be flooded with thousands of teams when the current state of Atlas can’t even become stable on some day and we have like 210 teams on Atlas currently.

If they want to access Atlas, the least they can do is put effort in being selected. It’s going to be extended until Platinum from Sapphire II.

Last time, it was only for Diamond League.

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This is good news, see you up there.

Sorry but who’s going to want to ally themselves with Plat teams? That’s a large and blunt generalization but from a strategical standpoint I don’t see that helping Plat teams at all.

Maybe don’t include gold, silver and bronze teams?

Give them time to grow and get stronger before they get access to the world map. This will also limit the clogging in save zone from people starting out and quitting the game before they get to stronger leagues.

Teams starting out and being abandoned will also just take up unnecessary space.


There is no rationale to add these leagues right now in a mass numbers. This is an open world playing field and you want to throw in these poor teams with D1? Talk about a morale crush to the extreme. Atlas is still growing and evolving in a positive manner thanks to Dave and the Atlas team. The idea of adding Bronze-Gold so soon without proper mechanics is absurd.


I think an idea that was brought up is that a mass and organized (key here) alliance of even smaller teams (in terms of level and league) will be able to get things done. If platinum teams play it smart, build up troops, condense and keep small amounts of land to start and play politics right, I think they will do just fine. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible.

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If you want atlas so bad, find a team that has it. There are several that you could likely join… not that hard to get in if you really want it.

Nothing is preventing dedicated active players from moving to a team with Atlas. However, many players are just not active enough or even interested in being in atlas. If you want atlas, just move up.

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Hey now!! Everyone needs cannon fodder!


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Well if a team is actually trying it’s not very hard for them to get out of Gold, Silver or Bronze.
So if they want Atlas they can easily move up.

That’s a very silly reply.

How do you know this or even come to this conclusion?

I can guarantee you that most all Plat 1 & 2 teams are very active and most are very interested and want Atlas.

But your way of thinking is not the way a lot of people think. A lot of Teams/Players have been on the same team for 8-9 months, a year or even 2 years. Have built relationships and bonds. They have a sense of loyalty towards their team and teammates. Its not as simple as just hey see ya guys later and joining a team that has Atlas. I would never leave my team & most my members wouldn’t leave regardless how much they want Atlas.


What is needed is a way to be in any league but not in Atlas. Teams to choose to be in or out. A simple logo added to team shields or something for those in Atlas, and the rest of us can stay out of it.

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Well that’s an expected normal reply by a top tier player. “We won’t more and the lower players shouldn’t get anything we won’t the divide to increase”. Me me me me me. Shouldn’t it be up to them of they want to join in or not, shouldn’t it be on everyone’s choice for ALL players. Guess not.

The way this game has gone if you we’re a new player you would never be able to catch up with D1 players and have the same HUGE advantages they have unless you spent a fortune and even then you would struggle.

New players have to pay for their elite do you?