More missing bank transfers


We’ve had several bank transfers go missing. While this is usually fine, during an rss event this is unacceptable. Several million lumber is not unaccounted for. @PGDave

Bank transfers going missing or being delayed for hours

Business as usual :dollar::sunglasses:


I reported as well on a 300k+ transfer from bank to my account that has never showed up since yesterday. Helpdesk told me it’s a known issue. Should be fixed. Sorry for the game causing issues… team member did a ticket at the same time for his and got lumber packs given to him lol


Found this in the bank transfers available screen:

Another officer made the first two transfers, they were “finishing” i.e. never reached their destination.

I then made the second two transfers, they never arrived either.


We’re investigating this now, but could you also check to see if there are any enemies on the Castle where this Bank is located? Hostiles will normally delay transfers.


It happened to us too. Sent out, showed messages. 20m later, no one received the Rss.
Not sure why there’s so much delays in beta atm


Something is majorly messed up. I just had mystery lumber show up too.


Looks like same issue like yesterday.


I don’t know if those are phantom transfers or ??? It never actually confirms it’s sending. I just don’t want to be accused of anything.


Been having delayed transfers on/off all day. In some cases the game does allow you to send more rss than you have as it’s not always deducted properly from your account even after a reboot. That issue isn’t just a matter of the number on the screen not updating


That’s definitely a serious problem.


The Rss was never sent out. Happened to me yesterday. I sent 3, Rss showed I used 660k each. BUT nothing showed on the screen.
Restarted, Rss came back, tried to send again, screen showed message 3 shipments were busy :woman_shrugging:


There were no non-team prims on the islands


This is actually expected. More information here:


Sorry if that last message was confusing. Laggy transfers is NOT expected. Are those transfers still pending?


If they ever did arrive I’m sure it was all stolen. One for 550 and one for 252k lumber. Help desk is nearly useless when reporting this stuff. Nor have they offered any compensation. Is a couple lumber packs really going to sink the company? I realize on your end you guys think everyone is either lying or stupid but it’s incredibly frustrating when you lose your stuff.


It happened again. These never showed up. Last time I contacted support they gave me the runaround.


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