More PG trickery


This has nothing to do with what you actualy get when you open chests just about the % chance for each said item nothing more. Also if you ever got the message something went wrong opening chests but dont worry you weren’t charged message after you already saw contents? It force closes and when you open 10 again the items were exactly the same as when it force closed and failed 1st time. So not as random as you think either, thats why i dont care when i open them. Once again just want to know the % chance for each item. If you cant see the difference between a 9% chance for 3k tokens and 4% and wanting to know that before opening chest than HAHA. The junk will always be there just want to know % junk i may get. Also for pg to have their app on iso app store they are required to disclose % for items in chests see link

All your math on looking at previous loot drops is a guess and each time pg can change it so your number are at best antiquated and futile. Know your rights and stop guessing.


Open. The. Spreadsheet.

It will tell you the drop for each item.


Rudeness level: you managed to get the Canadian to curse.


True luck would be that 347-sided die not rolling off the table after every throw…


None of my guesses were really guesses.

My numbers were always based on the game, and for as long as I did them, I updated with every event, even when it was a duplicate.

After all, it’s a computer program. It follows the rules. If you can see the rules, then you know the odds. And that is what I did.

Yes, my available calculators are now outdated, but the drops have changed little. You can use mine, or you can use Mech’s… Or you can go on raving about something you don’t appear to understand.

But don’t spread your misinformation to the other players. That’s just rude.


In the long run the % chance works out.

So in effect PG is hiding information. Ok, not in effect, very matter of fact. There is no way to describe it.


Someone doesn’t know who you are savage :joy:


I thought checking drop rate through Savage’s / Mech’s documentation is a well known advice here :thinking:


I love how PG feels this thread is unworthy to comment on.


This is worth reposting



What are they hiding?

My guess is they went back to the old armory because player feedback was highly negative regarding the animation. The old armory never displayed the odds, but when the was created, a new attribute for each drop called “chance” was added. It is still there. Whatever you cannot see that you would like to is only temporarily unavailable. Oh and you can see Mech’s spreadsheet or my calculators. Neither is from PG, but they are both going to tell you what you want to know.

I just did.


I’d call it obfuscation.
After all, they are giving us the probabilities, but in a way that still requires additional math in order to get the true probability for a specific item. It’s borderline dishonest.


I see what you’re saying. I would just say that to properly understand those percentages is not apparent at face value, and most players, I doubt, take the time or have the requisite knowledge to understand what they see.

For me, the underlying problem is having a drop that has a 1/2,000 or 1/10,000 chance of dropping. I mean… Seriously? How is that even a chance? We’re not playing the lottery here.

Sure, bronze chests drop frequently enough, but you have a 1/10,000 chance of an epic Mystic Shard drop. Silvers drop enough that you don’t need to brag about it when you get one, but with the “good” runes having a 1/2,000 chance of dropping, I know unless I “beat the odds,” I’m not going to get them.

And gold chests dropping in battle… Ha. They do. I think I have had about 5 in all the time I’ve played. And I might get some heal potions from it… There’s nothing special about that gold chest other than how I got it.


I can see both sides of this.

Mech’s spreadsheet (among others) is robust and well-populated. On the other hand, it’s a player volunteering information that it would have been nice for PG to offer (although until recently I don’t think there was any requirement to do so).

Games that offer in-game currencies for real money are now required to display the odds (can’t recall if this was an Apple-specific thing or an overarching legislative thing). For a few weeks PG was doing this, listing a percentage for each obtainable item (albeit with an animation that was annoying but circumventable). Now all that is displayed is the class percentage. Unless PG is now putting a flat percentage on each class of item (are they?), then it seems PG has found a loophole to continue witholding as much information as possible without getting into trouble.

Seems shady to me, but what do I know. I’m just a customer… :man_shrugging:t3:


Definitely not. You have a 1/3 chance for legendary and 2/3 chance for epic from a gold chest. But all drops within those categories are NOT equally likely.


If you can make sense of it (you don’t need to, it matches what Mech has on his spreadsheet… We already compared notes), here’s the gold drop data on the feeding event that just finished:

Even if you can’t make sense of it all, I’m sure you can see that the chance value for the items is not the same across the board.



Sort your json, son!


I already sorted and sorted for ya :yum:


Give me a day or two and I’m sure I’ll figure out the code- one way or the the other- or staying up til 4 in the morning for a game code. (No offense intended sorry if you spend 15+ hours on this game)


I can already say that “expedite consumable” is a speed-up- like 3 hour speed up to a 12 your speed up. In that line of code, drop type is what type of timer you get (I haven’t figured out exactly which one is which, I need a bigger picture with more code in it) I also figured out you have a higher chance of getting an HP boost then you are an attack boost.
no you are actually not more likely, I was looking at the count, I apologize.

@SavageAFforPG, can you send me more of the code?

More to come later…