More productive use of egg fragments

Given that the Artisan and beyond tiers are making egg fragments less useful. Is there a way to expand their use ? I have seen suggestions on allowing their use for research, but could another way to use them also be to allow for the evolution of dragons from legendary to mythic to be either by eggs or egg fragments.

Going forward I see less use for these fragments, and having an option at end of game to use them in another way would be good.


It’s a good idea it is super frustrating having so many frags that feel like event point items only :frowning:

I use a lot of frags on dragons to quickly get to endgame but I still have normally a big stash of them thanks to dracs so it would help to quicken and decrease egg spending on research eggs. That or they can make frags better than the normal research eggs games we have now.

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Until you have all the lineage.

Ill never have them all I left heaps of gaps so I could get frag points :smiley:

I wonder if you can write a support ticket to kill some lineage dragons!

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i’m reporting you to peta. get rekd. :joy: