More Resurrection Dragons per season

Perhaps we could have multiple dragon resurrection options per season so we can pick which of our favorite dragons to bring up in the game. I know I have my favorites and would love to bring them along with me as I level up. I love Axi and Nollaig but they don’t seem to be considered for resurrection. I am one player that does pay real money in the game and would like to have this option.

Fairly certain Axi was already offered as a resurrection dragon. But the way it is going - we will get 1 new dragon and rider per season - everything else will be hashed over older material.


Axi was the resurrection like 2-3 seasons ago. (I can’t remember exactly cause they blend together)

No. Non. Nein. Tidak, bu shi. Nie. Nao. Nu. Nyeht. Noh. Nej. Hellz Naw. 100,000 times no. We already have more than enough recycled junk in our seasons and they cut another new legendary this season. No one single resurrection dragon has been viable on current bases, we do not need anymore worthless junk just because some people want to collect it. We need new stuff that is designed for the current meta. Resurrection dragons need to be removed entirely, not have more added.



go for Cuadart, he is what you want. :joy:


I think this is a good idea for people who want to collect the dragons.

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Get rid of resurrection dragons please


Have a feeling your going to be extremely disappointed. With the quality of mythics the last 2 seasons - wouldn’t doubt if we start seeing resurrection divines/mythics. Maybe as soon as next season.

As I stated before - the time of 1 new dragon and rider per season is probably going to happen soon.

You could be right. And the bad thing about it might be that the 2 remaining dragons will cost the same as the others before together lol

ahhhha! someone got more no’s out of ZDG than me :rofl: :rofl: and in different languages too


the idea of resurrection dragons is great for people who collect dragons…whether these “classic” draggies can be competitive in todays game is a big question mark


“New garbage i choose you!!!”

“Go resurrection dragon! Use splash!(for those that dont know pokemon, splash is one of the games most useless moves))”
resurrection dragon uses splash
splash does nothing

But yes, let the dead say dead. Pg should really stop trying to beat the dead horse with bringing dragons back.
They want to bring them back, remake them! Tweak the dragons looks, spells, and the name the bit and call it a day


Exactly this :point_up: :point_up_2:
Stop with the ressurection dragon and do a reincarnation, rebirth or remembrance dragon with characteristics of a past dragon like they’ve done for years


I agree no , let’s drop the resurrection branch. Most struggle on the current upper base levels. Rather PG Invest time on newer dragons. Recycling is only good for the environment :rofl: and has not place in the game.


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