More Riders Idea

Remember how not long ago when you went into the season and started on a dragon it Y spurred off into a rss based route or evolution stone route. It would be cool to see that Y spur dedicated to a rider based for that dragon instead of rss, and see the other still follow evolution stones that way you still have to use mad sigils but opens up room for more riders to be obtained per season, which would let players equip older dragons with the new riders from the single rider paths. Idk prolly a bit late being seasons layout has been changed.

I really liked that energy packs and inner fire side route for players who completed all the lines or want some extra prizes. Well the new layout is more organized but I’m not actually sure where that route went. They only kept one of these:

Egg Token Bonus

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No, no, I don’t think this would go over well. The UI of the Season tab now is so much better than it was before, and I think this idea would muck it up a bit. I think the way we have riders now is fine just how it is.


agreed with @hellraptor

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