More Storage Protection

I think the level of rss protection should be increased. A low level player can have a higher player back them and raid huge amounts.

Couldn’t that still happen though? They just get less? And you can’t forget that it goes both ways, you may lose less, but you can also take less, which is better?

  • Able to take more resources, but able to lose more as well? (Same as it is now)
  • Lose less resources, but also be able to take less

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Edit: think of what would happen during fortification and feeding

increasing protection would mean less resource taken when doing resource hunt in feeding/fortification event.

You’ll mostly rely on your production building if that happens and will be stuck with mostly 0 and if you are lucky, around 10K food/wood.

I would rather get less than lose almost 800k in one attack

Stay as is, if well be able to take more and lose more that would rather be more challenging than it is now. It only takes us few seconds to spend 1m food. :disappointed:

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I’m not sure storage protection is the answer to this issue but it does blow ass to have an hour(s) of hard grinding negated by a lvl 55 with a big backer in the blink of an eye. But I know a lot of higher levels need to depend on stuff like this since they need so much food :man_shrugging: so I dunno

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Yes, the harbangers eat a lot and big towers use alot of lumber

Is it after food production boost?
Just now, I woke up with 200k food safe (I’m level 75).

No without boost cause sometimes your storage bin is being upgraded and the boost can’t be used

I think the protection needs to be increased. It wouldn’t affect the amounts that would be available to raid that much because people who are online are going to stay under their limit. And when you see food available it will mostly be because someone is offline and it’s building up in their farms (which have no protection anyway).

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They 100% changed the raidable amount of your storage hut when they updated the matchmaking algorithms.

You can now raid/lose more, which is IMO better for the ability to raid RSS during all non event times WHEN YOU NEED IT. If you are offline, you don’t need those RSS, someone else does. If you are online then you obviously need those RSS so you can get more far easier than before

During events, no matter which way you skin it you won’t be able to stack up enough by raiding just for yourself, so this shouldn’t be the driving factor.

It that time waiting for the event to start where everyone is raiding to fill up that’s a killer. In one shot I lost half of what I was holding.

I lost more than that :man_shrugging:

I can hold like 1.14m and some hacker (yes hacker) came and stole 952k of it. Go figures eh? It really sucked but for 98% of the time the current system works wonders i think.

try to send rss with someone from your team. pass each other the maximum amount you are allowed, but check first how much they can hold.

Do this every 20 minutes and this could at least help you save those resource.

The only problem on this is if the raider finishes his attack right after the resource is transferred. That’s kind of a bad timing.

Lets say a player has a 1M capacity of a resource and 20% is protected (I’m just pulling figures out of the air)
In their store they have 250K (200K protected).

With me so far?
What if an a attacking player could hit the base but be able to receive 70K (50K is won as it’s unprotected and the other 20K is pretty much pulled out of thin air).

This way, people win more and don’t lose as much.

I think that would open up possiblilties for abuse. For example, get a friend on another team, store all your towers, and hit each other’s bases with level 1 embers. Every hit you get the other guy’s resources plus 20k, creating more food/lumber out of thin air pretty quick.

It would be nice if there was a cap on how much unprotected lumber you can lose in one hit though. Just like you can’t lose more than half your flags in one round in tug of war, it would be nice if you couldn’t lose more than half (for example) of your unprotected stuff in a single hit. Doesn’t help if loads of people hit you, but at least you don’t get cleared out by a single visitor.

can a low level player take more than they can hold in their storage? I know this is a pretty common tactic but a high level would need a lot of little ants gathering food since they can ship so little at a time.

Guess it depends how low level we’re talking. Compared to some big boys, I am and can ship 690k at a time.

Good point. I didn’t consider that!