More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


Hi Everyone! I know that the community has been eager to hear about the next wave of changes coming post 4.0. The following info will be more of an overview of the changes. These changes will be coming to the game in the next week or so .

Level 51-60 Towers
We’re going to be buffing power levels across all combat towers from level 51-60. Level 55 towers will change from Legendary Obisidian balance to Mythic Obsidian balance, and Level 60 towers will change from Mythic Obsidian balance to Legendary Harbinger balance. Interim levels will also be adjusted accordingly.

This won’t be a direct translation from previous level 60 parameters to new level 55 parameters, since we had put a little extra total juice when Obsidian was spread across 10 levels from 51-60 (which appeared like less scaling when viewed in 5 level increments). Since we’re returning to a 5 level span for all of Obsidian, we’ll also return to a similar power increase from 51-55. Power scaling will return to a bit more gradual slope from 56-60 in order to leave room for additional tower levels also balanced against Harbinger.

Upgrade costs for all existing tower levels 51-60 will be left unchanged with this power buff.

Towers from levels 1-50 won’t be affected by this change as they already received a 40% power buff each tier.

Farms/Mills HP
We will be increasing the HP of farms and mills from level 41+ above their existing levels so that they feel about 30% stronger than the corresponding defensive towers. This means that their HP will be 30% higher than the respective max tower HP available at your current builder hut.

Ice Flak
We will make the following proposed buffs to Ice Flak:

  • Increase base damage and supershot damage according to a new combat model designed to evaluate lifetime damage. Lifetime damage is an approximation of how much damage the tower will deal over its useful lifetime, factoring attack damage, attack rate, range and HP. We’ll aim for Ice Flak to have a lifetime damage figure a bit below Fire Flak, combined with greater utility. Due to Ice Flak’s longer range and faster rate of fire, this will likely mean a per-shot attack damage still noticeably less than Fire Flak, but higher than current Ice Flak parameters.
  • Significantly reduce the wind up time of the Ice Flak tower so that it can be effectively used in reaction to active dragon abilities. This will be at least as fast as Dark Flak is today.
  • Increase silence duration from 1s to 1.5s. We’ve heard player feedback that 1s feels too short. While this is only a modest increase, the tower also cancels all active effects (even white ones), and we’re going to continue keeping an eye on how this affects balancing.


  • Buffing power levels across all combat towers from level 51-60. Levels 1-49 will remain untouched.
  • HP of farms and mills from level 41+ will be 30% higher than the respective max tower HP available at your current builder hut.
  • Ice Falk buffs will be increased base damage and supershot damage, reducing wind-up time of the tower, and increase silence duration to 1.5s

As more information is ready to be released, @PGCrisis and I will keep everyone posted on the changes!

Update - Feb. 22nd

Hey everyone,

Crisis here! The latest update should now begin rolling out to everyone’s accounts. You should get this update automatically within the hour! You won’t be prompted to update from the Apple Store / Google Play Store, as it will be rolling out server-side to your accounts.

Following this rollout, we will begin to distribute the 4.0 Apology Gift as promised. When we have more news to provide, we’ll be sure to update you all here on the Forums and across the War Dragons social channels!

4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes
So...what was the new content?
Flak tower strength
Ice Flak? Any good?


Looks like a great change! This will go into effect around a week later according to @Warlord


What about level 50 towers will they be buffed or remain the same. :thinking:


Good find she meant 1-50.

Also a big thank you to the community for all your support on my letter and the great feedback.

Those addressed points will be added step by step on a reasonable rate and level.


Have ya’ll reviewed all the changes, including the smallest details with the Gameplayers Faction? Please make this a checkpoint prior to release since it will save all a ton of drama. :pray:t3:


I like it! Will the oncoming balance changes be part of 4.1 or gradually introduced? Thanks for the posting @Arelyna


We were involved in every step @Sam.

All changes were discussed and signed-off.


Thanks bud. :rose:


Just curious, was there any testing involved ( i mean flying by skilled players/ PG team persons )


This was not needed from our end bc these changes mean translated:

Lv 56 = current lv 60

And existing lv 57-60 will get a buff to be in a position to stop Harbinger legendaries defended.

Numbers sound about right and the changes to ice flak make this one a valuable tower also with a look of future dragons.


Still would’ve been nice to see the ice flak change vs just read :cry:


Anybody know how these new farm levels compare to the previous levels (for 41-50) before they were nerfed?


They will be a tad better than pre 4.0.

So all who have lv 50 farms will have a chance to defend them against obsidians and lv 60 farm owners will have a chance to defend against harbingers.

It’s about double the HP what we see now.


Wait- BETTER than pre 4.0? So level 50 farms are going to be even STRONGER than they were before 4.0?
Am I reading that right? Ok wow my little puny 212 base just got a lot better. lol


:rofl: Not stronger than pre-4.0, where bases would be 80% farms.


Now I’m really confused. Clarify please? Level 50 farms were really strong pre 4.0. How strong will they be compared to that?


Are Base requirements for Harbinger Drags staying the same? I’m lvl 315 and my Estril is capped at lvl 22, at this rate there’ll be another dragon tier out before i can expert it😢And that’s with decent spending too. Doesn’t make sense that it is capped weaker then my Obsidian Drags🤷‍♂️


No I don’t mean the absurd change where farms were unlocked to 60 and scaled up. Before that. Maybe a month ago or so. The “old” 50s


So, if want to know the HP of a L55 Farm, find the HP of a regular attack tower - something like 4,863,386*1.3 = 6,322,402.