More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


Ah thanks. That’s good. For a moment I thought it had just made mage towers obsolete.


Well I’m sorry if my choice if words was bad, people interpret things differently to me, I do have Asperger’s.
If you’re going to be so picky, I would ask if they have been… Advisung you? I’ve lost all hope now :broken_heart:


It doesn’t make them obsolete, but it does really mess with your head when you get hit by it. I wasn’t used to it at first and kept wondering why I was getting ruined on attack runs when testing stuff.


Sorry, I’m not trying to come down on you or be picky or anything. It’s just that if people say they’re working for us it becomes a whole thing that involves a legal department, instead of us having discussions with our player base. I don’t want it to become a whole thing, so I want us all to be careful about our choice of terms.


That sounds like it will make things interesting and challenging.

If it had canceled all effects just by being there, as I had initially misunderstood, that would have made mages obsolete. Why have a colored mage when you can have an all effects mage that also shoots?


Okay I think I understand. And thanks for the apology cowboy :slightly_smiling_face:


This cowboy thing is going to haunt me forever, isn’t it? I need to go assign Crisis and Arelyna some really boring work as thanks for getting this joke started.


Whether this first jewel to come out of the GPF will be good or not will be determined by time and execution. It is a certainty looks as though it has been geared toward appeasing spenders. I hope that is not the trend this will continue on.


Yasssss it is :joy:
Crisis is my saviour lol :heart:
And I bet Arelyna is always bored when she talks to me anyways so she already has boring work.
I go on and on and on at her lol


This is where it all began.


Remember that the GPF in no way has the “power” to do anything other that discuss and make suggestions. We cannot say “no” or “yes” to any real decision.


I don’t think anyone mistakes them for employees considering it’s capture the flag coming up lol


How about those apology gifts thinking 100.00 value pack might be a good start.


The problem with “Apology Gifts” is they generally tend to distract from the actual issue…which then never gets solved.


And the issue becomes promises broken yet again I’ve always found you get more when you give more.
Giving each player a 100.00 value pack would cost PG nothing as it’s not real currency ( UNTIL WE BUY IT) and trust me people would spend instead of being annoyed of being lied to YET AGAIN MISLEAD AND YET ANOTHER PROMISE BROKEN.
But to only give The usual crappy gift would only inflame tempers.


Stop dreaming.

Best apology gift we ever received was 20 gold chests for those who were locked out for a week due to perma sync errors.

Normal apology gifts are (without sarcasm)

  • 2 gold chests
  • 400 egg tokens
  • 5 x 12h
  • 10 x 3h

One example for Christmas


And a real apology gift


that was over a year ago (before my time) they cut those rewards in half (at least half) for their apology gifts now


It’s because you all have been accepting this crap for so long that they get away with it they throw you a bone with " oh now we’ll have a player advisory group " and now you swallow your own self importance and think they give even the slightest crap about how you feel or value your opinion in any way shape or form.
You begin to think oh if I agree with it perhaps they will like me more when all that’s happening is your being used as weapons against your fellow players.
I play this game to relax and have fun I’ve spent well over 6k and I know this they could give back a bit and more than just a hand job in the dark.


It’s not really the decision of the employees in forum. The ppl who pull the strings you’re looking for aren’t here.

It’s like telling the guy at McDonald’s to sell the burgers for a discounted price. All they will say and CAN is „I’ll forward your concerns“.


Exactly they are not here but who are the ones making the promises forming the committees and continuing the line of bull if not the ones who can make things happen.
If it’s not then then who is to believe even the slightest announcment from any of them.


Tbf the red envelopes were the best „gift“ I’ve ever got from PG. Never maxed the whole season that cheap.