More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


Hey if it’s not tradition then just start a new one right? :joy:

BTW I’m by Chinese descent so this isn’t trying to be racist or anything… :joy:


Are you calling me stupid panda ? I think you should get to know me before you make such assumptions related to my Intellect.


I’m saying yelling about Freedom of Speech being violated on the forums is stupid, as it is not protected and the basic misunderstanding of the First Amendment is not really a good sway to showcase your intellect. Hopefully you are better at the game itself though…and back to Tower Balance, yay.


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Going off-topic a few minutes after a “stay on topic” post from staff is a bad idea. Go back on topic.

Please stay on topic and don’t respond to bait.

Stay on topic.



I think this was very smart. I was asking about the tower changes more than the apology gift, although it sounds like the two may came at the same time.

I don’t see an answer to timeframe, can you say if we are likely to see the changes in days, weeks, or months? (Before or during the next fortification?)

Not super important but I’ve reached a point where level 60 towers could use a little uumph.


Totally understood! I can say that yes, you are likely to see these changes in the coming days (no more than a week, and that’s just me being extra cautious), and definitely before the next Fortification event. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the updated timeline


Granted this is off topic and I apologize for that but I could hear the guy from Star Wars making the run on the Death Star as I read that… Stay-on-target, Stay-on-target…



I feel a strong need for temporary forum bans for all the off topic spam in this thread.
It‘s really a waste of everyone‘s time as many come here to actually discuss and give valuable foodback.
@PGJared may the banhammer swing strongly in your hands :hammer:


Thanks for the updates @PGCrisis @PGJared y’all addressed the issue/issues adequately, my main complaint was the time it took for response. However understanding corporate structures, vacation, personal issues, whatever the reason may be sometimes things takes a while.


Hey everyone,

The latest update should now begin rolling out to everyone’s accounts. You should get this update automatically within the hour! You won’t be prompted to update from the Apple Store / Google Play Store, as it will be rolling out server-side to your accounts.

Following this rollout, we will begin to distribute the 4.0 Apology Gift as promised. When we have more news to provide, we’ll be sure to update you all here on the Forums and across the War Dragons social channels!




So happy to see this :grin::muscle:


Awesome Crisis! Finally enjoying the towers :heart_eyes:

Give us more give us more XD

Jk, or am I ?

Sorry I’m just happy :smiley:


I feel good being able to defend again, this was great


To those who’ve updated, what’s the apology gift?


48h total in various speedups, 7 gold chests, 5 energy packs, 5 IF from a teammate’s screenshot


Thanks! I know I’m going to get bashed for this but that’s disappointing :rofl: I’ll absolutely take it though :+1:


I didn’t get one :frowning: