More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]



Yep. I’ll take it of course 7 gold chests will never be turned away by me but I was kinda thinking it would be better lol


Does it mean that next event will be fort?


So am I reading this right that the dark flack % power drop for all lvls has been reverted?
Might explain why Dark’s are splatting my drags again if I attack 2* my lvl again


What you rolled out does not match what was posted would be changed. Most of the towers seem ok. The hit points have increased I see. But look at the Dark Flak in comparison. It’s completely out of whack.


7 gold chests, 6 inner fires and some other stuff i didnt pay attention to!! Lol


SIGH , wow gee thanks :roll_eyes:


Thank god they finally made towers a bit more worth it…now just to get the cost down a bit…or find out the going price of a kidney on the black market.


Can someone pls compare the new ice flak? From the previous one to this new update? I’d really like to know if this is worth building -thanks! :blush:


So like 1 level 60 tower :+1:


not quite to 60 lol


Dear PG,
Can you do anything right?

-Your biggest fan




So to confirm the dark flak’s special attack is double the special attack of the fire flak? In the photo above lvl 60 DF is 12.1m and Fire is 6.38 mil


Now that you say it, I do wonder which defense rider gear he has equipped.
There is only rider gear to boost Dark Flak ATK and HP but no gear for Fire or Ice Flaks which does make a difference when talking about raw numbers.

@Talarius could you share your rider bonuses with us?