More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


What about the maxed 503 farm lol. I think @xxxairforcexxx used only hau and beat it

But undefended lol just kidding


That’s a farm lol


The very fact that it can be done makes that dragon OP, you and I will never agree on this.


I want to say kudos to PG for finally doing right by the spenders in this game. People who spend so much money deserve a base that cannot be beat easily, and for people complaining this will make it too hard for them at lvl 150 to compete with those lvl 400-500 bases, I’m sorry but you are living in a dream world. Go spend $10k on this game like I did only to have it beat by free players then you can see my side. You will be competing with people of your same level which is absolutely the way it should be.


So by your reckoning:

Amarok is OP
Ettin, Danzig and Hugin are OP
Whale and Cons are OP
Rizar and Kelvin are OP
Apo is OP
A&A and Icicle are OP
Xenot and Stormheim are OP

Because a combination of any 2 dragons in each tier can take out bases a couple of tiers higher. OK…Gotcha…

Oh and for all those reading who don’t know the backstory - this is someone talking about Hau being used by @Ragnar - easily one of the best Hau flyers out there - not some two bit hack.


Speaking for myself. I completely see your side and am in no way trying to take anything away from you. Spenders should realize the benefits of their investment. But. I should be able to play in an environment where I can enjoy my game play to its fullest extent too. I shouldn’t have to be competing against extreme levels who overshadow any progression I should naturally be gaining on my own. I should be able to win the prizes and be in the league I am in if I play hard enough. Right now, that is an area that really needs to be looked at.


Fact is, until they finish the league restructure and possibly add some penalties for higher level players in lower leagues (sorry, I don’t consider any Sapphire league a lower league though) sandbagging will continue. They can balance towers until the cows come home, it will not fix your problem which is higher level players in lower leagues (again, Sapphire isn’t a lower league imho).

Just my two cents.

I do think the changes will be good for the higher levels, not that I really care about them at this point, but when and if I get there, these changes should be good for me.


This could be only solved with league and sub league level restrictions.

Which might be fair in a broader sense like

D1 lv 321-999
D2 lv 250-320
S1 lv 220-249
S2 lv 200-219
S3 lv 175-199

But this would take away the opportunity to play with friends and would force spenders to leave their team.

Your issue can’t be solved by any means. It’s just plain stupid but it is what it is. Maybe recruit also one or two heavy hitters :man_shrugging:t2:. But again who would want to be in S3 who made a significant investment in the game :man_shrugging:t2:


@XxLeighxX part of this is because PG has not eliminated all cheaters from the game, only those who were so obvious it was absurd.

@Arelyna @PGJared I am still available for consulting, I am manager for a Dev team and have worked for a fortune 100 global software company as dev lead. I will help you eliminate all cheaters in 2 months.


This one I can wholeheartedly agree with you - have at it! Get rid of those cheats! :+1:


Let’s not get carried away this is the same guy that compared flying Hau to cheating lol


Enki is OP


You justify it by pointing out flak towers shoot instantly. And don’t have added resists. That alone is enough of an advantage. Trebs, Cannons, archers and lightning are all crap now. They are the fundamental towers of this game. They shouldn’t be useless.


PG, what dragon did you use as a reference dragon for balancing. Surely mythic Obsidian dragons are not the same. Are bases balanced with you flying a warrior or a hunter?

Also, did you take defense buffs, research, and hammer spam into consideration?


Was that an attack on me? What’s wrong with S3?


It can be solved straightforwardly by creating standard and veteran (overleveled) pools within lower leagues. The way it’d work would be that if a team has overleveled players (say, over 2 standard deviations above the subleague median), they get put into the veteran’s pool and matched against other veteran teams for their weekly batch of 25. Optionally, the top subleague of each league could be left undivided as a gating mechanism to keep teams from moving up unless they’re actually able to compete at the next level.

This way, high level players would not be forced to play in more competitive environments than they actually want to, and low level players will actually be able to compete in weekly events if they’re in a level-appropriate league. It’d keep competition fair.

I’m unsure whether it makes sense to apply this pooling system to sapphire, but it absolutely makes sense to apply it to bronze, silver, gold, and probably platinum. Level 400s in Sapphire sound like they’re quite unbalancing, but level 300s in Gold break the game.


@CheekyGrinch you are misquoting me. I did not say flyers of hauheset were cheaters. What I said was that the dragon was OP, and it should not be possible to beat end game bases with a Sapphire dragon. I also said I would not congratulate somebody for beating an end game base with an OP dragon; I don’t care how hard it is to do it the problem is that it is possible to begin with based on the dragons abilities. You disagreed with me then, so I don’t expect you to change your mind now, but PG is just as bad st finding cheaters as they are at keeping OP dragons from ruining the game for top
Tier players.



No matter how good you are, Hau CANNOT solo a max base.

He can set it up to make it a breeze to kill, if you are flawless. But he cannot solo it.

Stop complaining about Hau being OP. If he’s so OP, then you should learn to fly him–that’s @DarthDagger not @Grumpybigbird


I’m sorry @Ragnar ruined the game for you. Should each attack just calculate which player spent the most and decide battles that way?

Edit: That way we can just get this “flying” nuisance off of everyone’s plate, yea?

Edit 2: I’m not sorry at all that he ruined the game for you.


What if the individual prizes could be awarded in a break down such as this? That would allow for at least some “fair” competition on a relatively equal field. Just a thought.