More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


I have over 20 years experience in IT including 10 years of development and 10 years of IT management including 7 years of Dev management, and not for Mom and pop shops I am a Dev a manager now for a major IT consulting firm and Dev lead for a top software company.

You want to flame me consider this, I got where I am in life because I know what I am doing and what I am talking about.

PG as a company is immature in methodologies, but are a small company with limited resources. I get that, and I try not to offend them even though as a paying customer it sometimes is hard to vent without offending to some degree, but the ignorant bashing by people who barely know game dynamics much less development is beyond frustrating, especially when PG agrees with those ignorant comments.


Use code blocks. Works well for me


So if Mom and Pop can make a better burger than McDonalds they should be shut down because it’s not fair that McDonalds spends billions of dollars to do what they do and who needs a Mom and Pop coming in that spent less but can make a better burger.

Or, just stop spending since it is so unfair :man_shrugging:


I’ll say this again, hauheset is OP because he can take down end game bases, period. He is a Sapphire dragon for crying out loud, get over it he should not be taking down lvl 300 bases much less 500+.


@CheekyGrinch you are making my point about ignorance keep it up


So apparently according to him you’re “not allowed” to use lower tier dragons - uh uh - not allowed, no. Make sure you use only the highest tier dragons money can buy

So he claims that Hau is easy! Just put rage runes on him and any two bit hack can use it to take down max bases

Yes and of course you don’t need to practice on it because it’s THAT EASY PEOPLE!

Of course, when asked if he could do it, very conveniently it’s beneath him - too easy he says - I’ll just learn Noc because it’s definitely NOT OP.


:rofl: You sir are either really funny or really…something else.

  1. Anyone can be anyone on the Internet.
  2. Your whole nerf the OP Hau doesn’t really present the case to people unfamiliar with the whole situation.
  3. Exactly how many times has Hau successfully prepped you base for destruction? – This will help everyone understand the magnitude of the problem. I assume you’ve done your BIA and you understand just how Hau is affecting your critical systems.



That is a misrepresentation of the facts. He does not have the DPS to do what you say, especially against a defended base.


Here we go again… hauheset is a Sapphire dragon. He should be able to take down bases of players in Sapphire tier, maybe garnet, but beyond that he should not be a factor.

Go spend $50k on a base then get taken down by a lvl 140 with hauheset and see if you change your tune.


Oh god, not this again :man_facepalming:t2:.


Noctua is not OP he is a good lead dragon but has no spells like hauheset which make him immune to attack or spells.


@PGJared said Sapphire dragons should not be a factor against end game bases this includes hauheset. So yes, here we go again. Deal with it, you can’t have it both ways.


Nah, it was more that “5781033 * 1.3 = 7,515,343” was perfectly fine standalone, but “L60: 5781033 * 1.3 = 7,515,343” became “unclear” :rofl: - maybe forums hate math labels with whatever logic it uses.


This is, OFC, your OPINION.

Any dragon, used well, can be a factor. To say that a dragon should be totally irrelevant at X point in the game seems like something the designers would have to decide, right?

Saying he should not be a factor and that he can “take out” a max base are two very different things.

You have no idea what I have spent. If you read all my posts, you know what I spend now… But what did I spend the first two years I was playing? Pretty sure, PG, Google, and I can answer that question.


He can’t stop thinking about you Rag - go visit sometimes


I don’t care what you think you are arrogant and cannot appreciate the amount of money it takes to buy an end game base and have end game dragons.


Didn’t Jared say that Hau could be an exception to this general rule?


Pot Kettle


Genuinely don’t care enough. This tantrum is laughable. Dude needs to get over it.