More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]




@SavageAFforPG do not put word in my mouth. It is hauheset spells and ability which make him OP.

@pgjared its the same people flaming me over and over but privately I get a lot of support for standing up about this. PG needs to take this seriously .


drastically reduced <> not be a factor


Other teams in the league should be impacted equally OR may be hitting out of their league and will be necessarily adjusted.

After this change they may not at the bottom of
sapphire. Thats okay. Nowhere is it written that all wars must come down to defends.

From my perspective this adds balance where it is currently unbalanced.

I agree and I dont think thats really relevant here. You dont have an entitlement to stay in sapphire. Nobody does. I have seen more maxed destar mercs drop to hit my base. Our win rate is about the same and we were the aggressors so I dont see that as a problem.

The issue with teams built around one player or sandbagging isnt made worse here. Its a desperate issues that should be worked on IMO.

Yeah its equally discouraging for a level 186 player with a maxed noctua taking out a well built base but its reality. This probably wont help that either. (Although it might a little)

This is what Competition looks like. Id be really upset if you didnt have to try hard to grow. You are competing with others trying hard to grow so your advancement is relative to others. It should be hard. It shouldnt be a handout.

Im sorry its discouraging, but this most certainly is a step in the right direction. Even if it feels like a step back its needed who knows how much improved things will be after. Life could be better for you once you find a new normal. It wont necessarily be the same place it is now.


Yes it means Sapphire dragons should not be a factor, meaning you should not be able to sand an entire end game base with hauheset untouched. Its a huge slap in the face to paying customers in harbinger, Ill have my own harbinger dragons in 4 months or so, why should anybody with Sapphire dragons be able to compete??? Keep dreaming because this is actually ruining the game!


Drastically reduced chance of victory it says. Try again.


I frankly cannot wait for the day I get Hau and then I can literally ruin the game!

Go Hau!!


If I put words in your mouth or misrepresented what you said, I apologize. That was not intentional.

His kit alone is not enough. It requires a very skillful pilot who also make no mistakes on that particular run to do what you say (basically, disable an entire base). I personally know one person who can do that. I know of maybe two or three others who can. So, how many players in the whole game can consistently do this?

Destar right now, against current towers, is OP. My son could beat a defended max base with Destar, just by licking the screen.

Hau is not OP.


But he rlly isnt多ave YOU tried doing what that guy did on a base your size with Hauhaset?
Its not easy and there arent many players who can fly Hauhaset that well, so a person setting up a high level base is a rarity and not something u should really be concerned with.


Omg. Dude, if you spent half as much time practicing with your 10-50k drags as you do whining, maybe youd actually 250在ut, blame hau. Makes sense. Smh


Didnt you hear? Hau is TOO EASY for him! Noc is MUCH HARDER!


It doesnt like astrix becaus its markup for either underline or bold unless you escape them. Or thats what Ive seen. If a code block you dont need to escape anything.

Edit: it sometimes works fine until you add the closing astrix, so a second one may break it where the first one would not.

Just type \* when you do math and it probably fixes it.


One of the employees (cant remember whom) actually said that they want dragons to be more like Hau (in terms of skill being a factor) and moving forward thats what theyll be considering when making new dragons. those arent the exact words but the gist


I wont waste hard earned runes and glyphs on hauheset, I will however use my expert noctua to help take down lvl 400 bases in war.

Real balance means closing loopholes like hauheset taking max bases, or even necryx when not expert.

Top teams with maxed bases should be battling other top teams with max dragons. Otherwise why pay for those top bases and dragons?? PG is not a charity, they need us paying customers and the rest will need to spend to keep up or compete against their own level.


You keep missing the point but ok


PGCoffee in the Wintertide preview stream, maybe? Itd follow with not just dumping white spells on everything. :see_no_evil:

Edit: Grumpy wins below; I was lazy :rofl:


That employee was wrong. PG is a for profit company, and throwing paying customers aside for the sake of appeasing you and the rest who flames me was not good for business.

That person is not the decision maker at PG.


That would be @PGEggToken whose post, ironically, was tagged as the solution by good ol DarthDagger on his Hau rant thread :man_shrugging:


Why tag his post as the solution to your rant then? I dont understand :man_facepalming:


This game has gameplay in it, sorry bud!