More Upcoming Tower Balance Changes [Live Now!]


Hauheset will be nerfed watch and learn. That employee wanted to use slight of hand to take your focus away while they do exactly what I said because they know I am right. Just read what PGJared said Sapphire dragon should not be a factor for end game bases. Lol, in the end money talks and BS walks right?


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was referring to.


Please show where pgjared said that.


I guess we shall see.


PGJared replied exactly once to this thread I don’t need to point it out scroll up.


And it never says what you claim no matter how many times you post it or refer to it :man_shrugging:


If you are rubbing Sapphire dragons against a max-level base you’re going to have a drastically reduced chance of victory.


Just helping you out bud. Here it is. Nowhere is said that sapphire dragons are supposed to be a non factor :man_shrugging: You’re welcome for doing the legwork scrolling up through your nonsense is certainly a pain.


Yeah you sure are but if you rub them hard enough there is still an above 0% chance of victory. Case closed.


:rofl: I’d like to see them get that past the GPF. No chance!

But you can keep dreaming my friend! :+1:


This thread has taken a huge detour. We should stay on topic for towers.

Dragons belong in another thread unless referencing towers.

IMO there is zero point to even worrying about Hau. Noctua would be a greater concern. Far more people use him and his glitch can allow for even level 60 or 65 towers to be set for an easy take down. (Sometimes even solo with a skilled flyer and maxed rider and runes, but it’s still obviously unintentional mechanic to use vines more than once without spending additinal rage each use)

But tower wise these changes sound in line with what we know to be broken, and hopefully additional adjustments are made after this.


Guys guys…making towers stronger wont change how hau flies really… its the tower range and playing with the spell that hau has to do what hau does. Stronger towers dont change that. How can towers kill if the towers dont get a chance to fire? @DarthDagger I’m sure if your towers can fire, hau will be dead very fast. And it is a drastically reduced chance of victory. Just divide people who have hau by who can fly hau like that. You get your reduced chance of victory. And paying does not change tower range or tower natures, you just have a higher stats tower, thats all

So unless there’s a comprehensive plan to change that and still keep things dynamic and fun, hau will be hau, base will be base

So thanking PG for making towers stronger isnt related to hau specifically. It’s just harder for the follow… if a flier can dodge, He can dodge


I have spent sums that translate to those you offer for the level I am currently at. Many of us who have played on one or two teams have no desire to ‘hop’ up nor do we wish to leave teammates so we can go experience what looks to be the longest running standoff in gaming history. Clearly you and others in D1 have a very narrow bandwidth in which you see what is or isn’t logical or fun about this game, but as a fellow spender, I see absolutely nothing fair about scaling in a way that forces other spenders (regardless of how much) to have to hop up once they get to a certain level because their teammates are one, two, or even three tiers down and aren’t spending at a rate to keep up.

I have great respect for your flying skills…hell, I even take notes watching the vids of you leveling my base, but you don’t speak for all spenders and with all due respect, it’s rubbish. Because a relative handful who spend in the tens of thousands feel that entitles them to more consideration than the larger revenue stream of middle and lower spenders is what has been and what is wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, there are equally bad arguments coming from non-spenders who feel like they’re championing some glorious cause against the evils of all who spend… or some such nonsense… but it’s just the mirror of the extreme nonsense that spending $XXK entitles that individual to a bigger voice.

Again, as I trust your flying skills and perception of the game’s mechanics… and that of Red’s and ForSci’s, and because the declared changes don’t send off alarm bells (other than you didn’t get to test them), these changes don’t seem to add to any overall problem… but nor do they fix any part of the bigger picture… mostly just those atop in the grand stalemate.


On a positive note, 5 levels for obsidian saves you thousands in upgrading them instead of 10 :see_no_evil:

As much as many big problems still persist, the competition keeps going between teams no matter what. Lets say they perfectly balanced the game. And its 10 levels per dragon tier. Cost thousands more for a relatively short base. There are suggestions and discussions in changing that at many places, but the point being making it more affordable to keep up. 5 levels instead of 10 definitely is better in that regard.

I’d vote for 5 levels for each tier every time, instead of 10 lol


I do not think anyone sees this as anything other than a first step.

Things have to start somewhere. Remodeling is always more difficult if you’re living in the house already.


The simple facts are there are ways to get all the big shiny stuff simple spend some money. If everyone got every dragon every season how much fun would this game be really? If your priorities are elsewhere that’s fine but quit belly aching you can’t have all the best biggest dragons or bases. That’s life my friends there is no welfare system in war dragons.
The simple facts are the towers from 50-60 weren’t coded right or some such thing and they tried to fix it but then nothing could kill them everyone complained … then they nerfed them …everyone complainded is it ok for people to have spent big bucks to get towers that’s don’t work and have Noc rip them apart ? Some bases should be super hard to take down they should be a challenge it should take skill and practice and people should not have these mega bases wiped out easily this balancing isn’t giving people who spend an unfair advantage they spent tons of timers and chests and money to get them they deserve to get what they paid for.
With that being said … people who can’t have all the biggest baddest dragons or bases this game is still fun. Play at your level meet people from all over the world have fun wrecking bases that are where you’re at with dragons that are where your at. Those dragons are still fun and enjoy what you can get. You shouldn’t be able to rip down D87 or princess when you’re a level 200 something unless your mad talented and those people spent years and thousands of dollars to get there bases up that big they should be super hard to kill.
Wars shouldn’t always depend on defense points I think this will make wars more fun it’s about figuring out a bases weakness now and choosing dragon pairs that might beat it.
The end game should not be about everyone having everything enjoy what you have spend if it means a lot to you don’t if it doesn’t but don’t expect to have the best of the best if you don’t but you can still enjoy the game


When will sorcerer dragons be able to destroy all the monuments in atlas?


This is a giant thread of people confusing the meaning of the words “fair” and “equal”. Same as always.


Two things

  1. This hau hater has no business in end game he has a baby 300 base and emerald dragons so every statement to end game is at best a second-hand opinion so meh.

  2. The GPF will NEVER support or even consider nerfing Hauheset.

Case closed please stay on topic


“We won’t be touching Hauheset anytime soon (if at all). Coming up with future dragons that reward skillful flying is the bigger picture“


Love how you conveniently avoid quoting anything and just project what you WANT to happen lmao